Vitebsk police went on high


In Last year, of the PPC was only 18.

In addition to employees of Vitebsk, the order will follow the Minsk police SWAT team, told the head of the Interior Ministry of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Naydenko.

He assured that the police will behave exceptionally well. They recommended, inter alia, to deliver alcohol drunk amateur straight home, not in vytsvyareznik.

At the celebrations in500-meter the area around the sites of mass actions will not be allowed to trade in alcoholic beverages. But this only applies to stores — at cafes and restaurants prohibition does not apply.

By the way, a number of outdoor cafes now operating at a very Victory Square, which will be 3 July concert and entertainment venue. On the area of children's rides are installed, you can hire skates and skateboards, and a number in front of a small population of Vitebsk massively adults consume alcohol.

During the festival "Slavic Bazaar", according to the decision of Executive Committee, all catering establishments will work around the clock. As well as grocery stores in the area of the festival events. This was reported by the local residents of Vitebsk newspaper.

As for protection of public order, it is in Vitebsk, in the list of items which will not be allowed through the turnstiles at public events, first introduced "symbolic" point. In addition to weapons, decoys and any of its drinks in an opaque container, the police would not be allowed to go on holiday "with banners, posters, placards and banners, with the exception of the state symbols and paraphernalia designed Vitebsk city executive committee." This was also warned Vitebsk state media.


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