Volkhonskoye highway turned into a Bermuda Triangle

October 3, 2012 9:45

Volkhonskoye highway (St. Petersburg) has become the Bermuda Triangle. For two days there were missing two people. One of them, peterburzhenku Rice Mills disappeared more than three weeks ago. Rescuers and volunteers search for it every day.

It would seem that in this forest can not get lost. Nearby are many businesses and busy highway. But only in the last month in this place lost just two people. About their fate is still unknown.

Rice Mills went into the woods for mushrooms. 68-year-old woman knew this place as their own. After all, she came to pick mushrooms here every fall for many years. And lost in this forest is not possible. After all, in what direction does not go — always come out to civilization. Nearby are various enterprises and military units. People you can meet at any time of day.

What happened to Raisa Trofimova? Until now, no one can understand. Relatives of Disappeared ready to believe the worst. After police repeatedly combing the woods and trails. No living man nor a dead and could not be found.

In this story, a lot of enigmatic and mysterious. Relatives of the missing were horrified when they learned that before Raisa Trofimova on this track lost another man. One day before that. And it also could not find. The last time my daughter heard her mother on the phone after midnight. After several minutes of calls have not been answered. Telephone billing only added confusion to this complicated story. The last call was made on Volokhonsky highway.

Relatives immediately filed a police report of the Lomonosov district. But while all efforts were in vain search engines. By the way, autumn is the hottest time rescuers. It — period mushroom. And often, even the most experienced of them are lost. According to rescuers, a man lost in the woods, you can still find a few days.

Three weeks Raisa Trofimova relatives live in hell. They have done everything possible to find his beloved mother and sister. Each day begins with Lyudmila Borisova phoned all the morgues and hospitals. Search for the missing are ongoing. In addition to the MOE and a woman looking for volunteers. Family Trofimovs truly believe that they will find a loved one in one piece.


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