VVC starts a unique project panopticon of scientific entertainment (video)


At the Exhibition Centre in Moscow opens "Panopticon of scientific entertainment". The organizers have tried to recreate the atmosphere of the legendary shows of the late XIX century, in which the audience were amazing spectacular physical and chemical experiments.

Viewers will see a lot of curious, including taming most of these millions of volts of lightning and explosion "of the hydrogen bomb," reports "First Channel".

"Already at the entrance to the pavilion visitors are welcomed by Professor Nicolas, which offers visitors a look at the show. Visitors to the show will be able to do the mad professor to turn water into a gel, to see the process of churning water without boiling and a hydrogen explosion, touch, fake snow, and even let the genie out of the flask, "- said in a statement on the website VVC.

 "Next to the guests is an eight-minute film "Big Bang — from the birth of the universe to the present day". Video broadcast on the wall inside the pavilion «3D mapping» projection and talks about the origins and development of the Earth, from its creation to our present.

The final stage of an extraordinary journey is a show "One Million Volts". The submission is based on the action of the invention, the famous physicist Nikola Tesla, which bears the name of the inventor — Tesla Coil ", — the report says.




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