Wages — the old and the price — daily new

The Ministry of Economy of Belarus has considerably reduced the list of Belarusian food products that are subject to restrictions on trade allowances. As a result, become more expensive fish and canned fish, sugar, meat products, cooked sausage, cream, cottage cheese, cheese and other dairy products. Along with the sale of certain groups disappear imported goods, and others — much more expensive.

Regional correspondents of "Freedom" today visited the local shops and markets, and watched as the acute foreign exchange crisis has affected the consumer market.

Vitebsk Region

Children pampersy rose almost twice
Young mother Mrs. Oksana notes that rose sharply pampersy children and other hygiene products:
"There was a period pampersav did not exist. We were looking for, instead of our" Active Baby "found" Huggies ", and they were expensive. Previously, they cost 86 000, now 119, and" Active Baby "were worth before 77,000, and now 139 million, almost twice more expensive! And went up children washing powder "Eared nannies" that we use: before small pack of 400 grams, worth 3600, and now — 7600. Yet the Russian ruble and the dollar depends here it became more expensive! ".
Contain cattle becoming unaffordable
The sharp rise in prices experienced in his pocket and Vitebsk pet owners. Some varieties of forage disappeared altogether, says Natalia:
"I'm of the feed, which in May cat familiar, do not see on sale in three weeks. These are canned food for the animals, as the dry food we do not give. So those cans can not buy anywhere else — in the empty store shelves. Acquired" liverki " and she does not eat. Apparently, there is no meat, nothing natural is no ".
The price of dry cat food "Fryskas" for the month rose by half: now it costs 23 thousand per kilogram — more expensive than some sort of meat or sausages. And in all regions of the feed disappeared, says Dmitry:

In Postav area disappeared from sale of feed

"As far as I know, in Postav area, and here we have a Gluboksky disappeared feed — can not get the ones who raises pigs. Traders say that soon will be — but who knows?"
Tatiana talks about the rise in prices and Gluboksky fairs:
"We in the Deep everything is expensive, I'm shocked! Rice went up by a thousand, a thousand rose soap, oil is already at 11,000 worth. Yes, people have no money for this! Tea, I say, more is not going to fly -" Greenfield " bag is over 12 800, are our prices already. "

Grodno region

People fear that wages decrease and prices rise
The food prices do not cease to amaze people of Grodno. Many buyers said that now the food goes all the family income and still have to save.
Holidays Grodno market "Central" is clearly alive, it crowded. However, in recent years the market atmosphere more lean, less jokes. People in a bad mood up to the counter, looking at the prices and silently move on.
Here Mrs. looked narrowly to the counters and obtained nothing. I ask — what she thinks about the prices?

Everything for us was expensive …

Mrs."Very scary, scary is that wages are small and the prices are high. Now even there is no separation between cheap and expensive products — everything has become expensive."
Reporter"What, for example?".
Mrs."I now remember, before the meat was cheaper and more expensive that without bones, and now it's all equal. Here's a look, a chicken is now at the very guts."
By joining our conversation another woman and says that prices are now not suit anyone. This growth, says can not recall.
Mrs."Yes everything is bite, even yogurt and he bites, and milk too, and butter, and cheese — all absolutely. Even the usual cereals, which used to cost 5000, now — 10 thousand. "
But Mrs. selects fruits and vegetables. I try to ask her — what she thinks about the prices in the market?

I have no idea how to live with such salaries and such prices …

Mrs."In the fruit and vegetables prices are very high: about 8,000 cucumbers, tomatoes around 11,000. Prices just awful, they are shocking people and each day grow by leaps and bounds. Do not know how to live with such salaries and with these prices … ".
I asked the lady — now how many of their family budget is spent on food?
Mrs."My salary is fully powered, and thus have to save, because what we would like to eat every day, now does not work …".


Prices for one day grow up to 30-40%
Food markets prices are rising daily. Brest entrepreneurs are justified to consumers, saying that they are not to blame for this.
At the Central Market in Brest traders note that the acute shortages item is not there. Distribution centers supplying vegetables and fruits. That's only the prices are rising almost daily, says entrepreneur Alexander:

What's next — is unknown. For now, just awful!

"Well, for example, bananas yesterday were worth 6000 rubles per kilogram, and this morning the price rose up to 8000 rubles. Same garlic in stores sell for 40,000 rubles. While he on the market we have 25 thousand rubles. On the other even talk is not necessary. What's next — is unknown. now, just awful. "
Businessmen say that over the day prices may have grown by 30-40%. In such circumstances, says entrepreneur, you can expect the deficit for some food products, especially imported:
"As long as distribution centers operate without interruption. But it seems to me that it so far. During the day, the price may rise by 40%. Prior to that entrepreneurs also added 10%. Turns out that there is no reason to work practically any. I think that may be deficient. In addition, and from us will also be exported vegetables. Here, nothing at all can not stay. "
Visitors to the market say that the situation is extremely unpleasant. The entire economy is tied to imports, and currency in the country sorely lacking, says a resident of Brest Victor:

Deficit could be even the smallest detail

"And that no currency can be bought? We have almost all the same import: from China, India, Brazil, Poland and Russia. When the list items, it is almost without exception. And in order to get — you need currency. Even minor things — All this may be deficient. "


Potato bread is more expensive
In Mogilev, as elsewhere in Belarus, prices are rising by almost all food commodities. Price tags on them changing day.
The issue of pricing as heavy as our bags with the supplies — so reacted to a journalist's question Visitors shops and markets. People try to buy as much as possible, because I do not believe that tomorrow can not rewrite the price tags. So what's going up in the first place?
"The potato is the most expensive. Dear for bread. 3500-4000, and more comes out. I think that gave it all fall cheaply in Russia, and now we bring t
he potatoes themselves. Now and Polish are brought like this" — said the elderly.
Goods are, but to buy them, people did not have enough money
Another elderly woman drags in both hands two bags. She stopped to rest. Interested — in bags. Replies that expensive:
"Flour rice, cereals, barley, barley groats. Macaroni."
I went to two other gentlemen with the same question — which becomes more expensive in the first place?
"Those cereals, oil. And for meat products price increase appreciably. To my mind, there is no shortage of special. Would people's money. And enough of any product."
Mrs. girlfriend, a woman is not very elderly wheelchair with a stick, adds:
"I try to go to the stores less to have enough money until the next pension."
Reporter"On what products best prices rise? '.
Mrs."The fish, fruits and vegetables."

Prices going through the roof, as the dollar becomes more expensive

The list of products that are rapidly becoming more expensive, another woman adds meats:
"Nuts are very risen. They really need me to health. And they do not buy. Prices mad. After all, you look at how much the dollar is worth, and all will become clear why the prices are going through the roof."

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