Walkers and jumpers — pros and cons!

No matter what mother at a time when the child is about to start walk, is in the happy anticipation of this action, but as long as there was no Danae satisfaction, striving not only to sing for the baby, and to have time to do something on the farm lady, trying to find at least some device, To temporarily take the baby and at the same time, assist him to adapt in a new world. Usually used for similar purposes walker or jumpers.

Despite the fact that virtually every Russian family had arsenate in its own devices, such as walkers prygunki, their usefulness, as, in general, and the damage is not yet confirmed.

As no surprise, but both supporters and opponents of the use of baby walkers and jumpers, reason or cause the same reasons, but their interpretation absolutely the reverse.

Thus, the arguments of professionals who allege harm walkers and jumpers:
— a child who is used to run around in strollers, begins to walk without the help of others a month later than those who did not have the "joy" acquaintance with the subject;
— the baby is disturbed coordination, later, with self walking, he often falls;
— Walkers bad for the kid gait, clubfoot and clumsiness is life;
— disturbed muscle tone;
— the boys is a risk of disruption of the male genital organs.
Arguments professionals stating the usefulness of the walker and Jumpers:
baby begins to walk faster;
baby develops coordination;
baby develops faster because a means of transportation, which, by the way, allows you to keep your hands free and explore the surroundings by touch, he learns a new world;
— strengthening back muscles and legs, the sensors that are in the toes feet, stimulate the internal organs;
— walkers and jumpers deliver the baby from the visual satisfaction of freedom;
— data modifications allow my mother a little time to relax and cope with some household chores.

Vote themselves the "pros" and "cons" and decide whether your baby needs walkers and jumpers, but remember, all should be the measure!

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