Want to know a person? Look how he sleeps

October 19, 2012 20:30

Posture in bed sleeping outstanding character.

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Posture during sleep and give our relationship to ourselves and to the world. Climbing into bed and under the covers, we excuse the pun, is disclosed on a subconscious level. And expresses the true attitude to a given situation much sooner than it already sort out intelligently.
As explained by psychologists, behavior during sleep is impossible to forge and control. Even if you're deliberately trying to sleep in a certain position, you wake up still in the one that matches your personality. The last "sleepy" study conducted British expert Robert Phipps.

— What position you choose during sleep — "log" or "embryo", it gives an amazing amount of information about your personality, according to the language of the body, — said Phipps.
Dr. Phipps has identified four basic positions, and of these the most common pose of "embryo." So sleep for almost 50 percent of Britons have been observed, writes dailymail.co.uk.
. No wonder, because this position — curled up — says that people miss most in life of comfort and convenience, which we stubbornly seek. If a person is asleep, as the "log", with an elongated body, scattered in the direction of his arms and legs indicates stubborn man.
— And they may wake up more cruel and severe than before the moment went to bed, — says Dr. Phipps.
25 percent take a pose "the thirsty." They sleep, arms extended in front, as if someone or pursuing or chasing a dream.
— This subconscious movement means that they require more from life than they have, — says Phipps.
In the pose Freefallers («Excursions in Istanbul fall") sleep 17% — face down and stretched out his arms, as if hovering in the air, jumping with a parachute. Physically, this is the least comfortable position. These people feel that they can not control their lives.
Do not get married, do not see how the elect sleeps
But a study of the American Doctor of Psychology Samuel Dankella. He was more detailed specifications on a sleeping — yet only men. But women should look, especially going down the aisle. Here it is possible to watch awake. Should analyze the position in which your pet sleeps most of the night. In it, he usually wakes up in the morning.
POSE "owner"
AS IS. In the abdomen, gradually getting over the middle bed. Moving, press down under him and the sheets and pillow and blanket.
Good character traits. This man — a man mandatory and very important. A bit idealistic. Good lover who can not only enjoy sex itself, but to give pleasure beloved. Rarely changes.
BAD. Rather tightfisted, likes to make decisions and very jealous.
WORK. Such as it is moving rapidly in the service and have very respectable jobs.
POSE "seeking support"
AS IS. On his side, curled up in a ball like a cat.
Good character traits. Knows how to be faithful.
BAD. Unsure of himself. Although it may appear self-sufficient. But this is only a mask, through which he misleads others. Sometimes even the closest people can not get into the inner world of your chosen one. Such a man needs a strong support, a woman with a strong character and a strong will. His choice must have a pronounced maternal instinct, which makes it not only protect their children, but also the spouse, in which she sees another child. In love, he basically takes and does not give. Not a very caring father.
WORK. Not a careerist. Can work for a long time in the same position. Not eager to take on the extra responsibility.
POSE "balanced"
AS IS. On the side, hugging the pillow. Or you.
Good character traits. Calm man, balanced, reasonable. He was not afraid of failure, he will always find a way out, even some of the most deadlock. Typically, realistically assess their capabilities and knows what he wants from life. Attentive and gentle lover. A good husband and father.
BAD. Overly modest, lazy, can have a permanent mistress.
WORK. A good leader. Or they may be, if the boss will notice and appreciate. He does not like to hang out. Why are often left on the sidelines — undervalued.
POSE "Center of the Universe"
AS IS. On his side, as close to you — face to face.
Good character traits. Appreciates the comforts of home and comfort, especially if it feels a little comfort center of the universe. Not jealous. Partner's infidelity does not perceive as a tragedy.
BAD. Do not fall in love. Not the most caring husband and father. Inclined to treason — links are usually fleeting. Put their interests first, gets tired of the routine, require frequent change of scenery. Quickly carried away and just as quickly cools. Boredom and monotony are pushing him on an adventure.
WORK. Does not aspire to a career. Usually chooses the creative profession, not the rigid schedule attendance.
POSE "defender"
AS IS. On the side, clinging to your back.
Good character traits. Considers himself your main defender against hostile outside world. To Change is not inclined. Monogamous. Believes that only men exercise preponderant role in the family, the wife of the same from this headache should deliver. But … not every modern woman will agree to such restrictions.
BAD. As a lover is not particularly good, because I think first of all about their own satisfaction, and not about the partner.
WORK. Stars from the sky is not enough. Get a raise once in such a post may linger for years.
AS IS. On the back, at times clasping his hands behind his head.
Good character traits. Pleased with himself and life. Failures make it only harder. Such a man can be called a true beneficiaries, enjoying huge success with women. But be careful, because it may lead. In sex it is very good.
BAD. Selfish. Time-waster. Does not like to take care of others.
WORK. Does not aspire to a career. He does not like to change jobs. As he so well.
POSE "No compromise!"
AS IS. Across the bed on his back.
Good character traits. Caring family man. Once in love, will carry this feeling through my whole life. If he does not work out with a partner, then it is likely that the second time he did not tie the knot.
BAD. If your man while you sleep on your back gradually moved and finally appear to be lying across the bed, it is said that he is a powerful, refuse to compromise. He is straightforward and sometimes even rude. Easy to get along with him, even though women's softness can make your alliance with him quite tolerable.
WORK. Ready to sit at work all the time, if only the authorities had enough and prosperity in the house.
Dossier on sleeping women Dankella doctor promised to make later. Wait.

Svetlana KUZINA

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