War in the astral plane

February 7, 2013 1:07

General Sedzhevik reputed brave on the American Civil War. He's not just once or twice raised above the parapet — the bullets, and, finally, believing that there must be some force takes them to the side, climbed over the parapet to his full height, "Hey! .. Mazilu! Would not you like to get in a gene … "

There is a law of life, let him be to measure things. Medium Hafstey Borisson, penetrating the thin material, convinced at each session, which is in touch with him, high-born Icelander, can only get high-born … In 1938 he started a session for "secular women Reykjavik", when suddenly there was an unknown person masculine. "Skipper, I! The same Jonsson — see, on a crutch. I wish you a drink rum … And then — what the hell and bred in to me to, you know, to be presented … ". And to the question, what else would like a person, Skipper said, helped to find his feet.

It was a legendary drinker in Iceland, and that he appeared with a glass of rum. Opinionated Borisson before I believe, that the connection with him would leave only one who "was considered a decent Icelander with good manners," recalled that in October 1879 Jonsson was on the steep bank, stumbled … And in November, the body was thrown on the rocks … but lost a leg. Skipper said that he was present at his funeral, he liked the wake. Now he asks for "secular women Reykjavik" to find and bury his leg … And that, they say, to his manner, he likes them, and with what would now give them up?

Materialists expels SPIRIT

Paranormal investigator Stuart Gordon somehow engaged in the projection itself — from Scotland to London. Actually, he was sitting at a typewriter, and was given the title. To escape, he has focused on this — that it is always easy for me, "as it were provided, where he lived until recently."

Stewart knew that this important "to be sure, and not fall into the logic," and focused, not only to visualize yourself in a room from which the recently departed, but to the present and its inhabitants, a "vulgar materialist", testified to its projection.

Maybe entrenched hostility in his room materialist acted destructively? .. Not in this house, and in another, where his family lived, they heard the sound of cars with a typical rhythm. Called him to Scotland. Gordon decided that enough was distracted, and I could see on the sheet in a typewriter title "materialist cast out the spirit."

Mediums William O'Neill and George Meek conceived "the instrument for the manifestation of intelligence gone — from the other world." In the experimental session, they called (incorporeal already) Italian scientist, whose intelligence was not very in demand, nedoproyavlen in life … and instead of being grateful heard: "This one will not manifest itself in full measure, if you put us in a position of guinea pigs."

Shock Invention

Inventor Charles Uiklend assured myself in the ability to exile incorporeal creatures of man. He forced the spirit to move into the body of his assistant, and then extracted from the aura, acting elektrozaryadom (like Dr. Frankenstein car — he had seen it in the movies). However, a low-voltage shock so affected, should be, with its obsession with something else that the car broke down in the discharge, but — curiously, the inventor of the principle of opening a new sewing machine. This was recorded when Uiklend told of his discovery in «Thirty Years Among the Dead» — «Thirty years of death" (1924), but soon forgotten. And no less interesting, although in 1918 he founded the Institute of Psychology to study the "obsession", but now in his house in Los Angeles — a factory sewing electric machine, to which he has no connection.


Humourist sailor SR Wilmot shared cabin with another sailor, John Toyota, which had a red beard. By whiskey "from a violent storm," they are free from the watch, talking, as usual, about women, and increasingly strong storm — it seemed the ship will turn. Wilmot and vowed that if saved, it will never come to see some bored passenger. However, waking up, Wilmot was, "You're good! Not for nothing says you're gay dog. Women do come to visit you! "

John-with-beard argued that if at night, when it nearly capsized, he saw a woman on the top shelf … Wilmot came home, and my wife told me how that terrible storm we talked about on the radio, it seemed to him that he killed , and she was once on the boat and found a cabin … I saw it overhangs the shelf red beard!

MEDIUM of Police

One medium Daniel Home levitated in Petersburg Baroness Belugins-Pradt. In the arrogance he took it from the ceiling … Suddenly, abandoned his strange power, grabbed the chandelier and soon fell to her, as soon as the baroness not Belugin-Pradt.

At the same time, touring in Russia, he had somehow lost his "support" and another unknown force that helps him dematerializovyvat and return the jewel — suddenly would not wish to return it … But unknown forces were subordinate to the chief of police and carried out the "reverse Oporto," as was called then — though by putting the jewelry in a secret pocket medium. Needless to say that Daniel, absolutely no idea about it.

What not to do in the heart!

Dzhoens artist wrote from memory his wife Catherine Henry XVIII, "frolicsome girl" (which was beheaded for being naughty). The King said, "Yes! This is it — Catherine! Ah, if it were not shalila! .. The favorite — the fifth … Shalunya my wife was no longer afraid that I will visit upon her heart — to pry not. And — again as a living! "

Curiously, when the artist went on to write some of the reality must be contiguous (between him and his easel) poked and teased him like a ghostly fingers Catherine without fear nothing, shalila after death. In the end, these Dzhoens grabbed fingers prosunuvshiesya between worlds, and took off the ring … The most curious thing is that it is identified as a decoration Catherine.


Renowned psychic Ted Serioz also became well-known photographer, having an amazing gift: he took pictures of everything that imagined by looking into the lens of his "Polaroid". His "mental pictures" were published in 1967 by Professor Dzhaylom Eisenbud in serious work with the title "The World of Ted Serioza about which we can only guess." But he finished humorously: "It must be the devil helps him. However, until we define it in two words, the optical combination. "

In the end, these Dzhoens grabbed fingers prosunuvshiesya between worlds, and took off the ring

Ted confidently said: "Professor! Lit his pipe again and maybe guess that the devil does not help me — if you ask me to provide Westminster Abbey. " But at the behest of some strange power of "Polaroid" did not give the abbey which was presented by Ted. "It must be all the same features helps you Serioz", — said the professor. He defined the manifest as "a combination of the three fingers."


Suspension bridge over Hollow (Ohio, neighborhood Elmore). There, Mr. Jackson, a medium and a former boxer, angry, went to fight with the shadow that suddenly rose from the valley, and frightening lack of head, stopped passersby. From the suspension bridge collapsed once the rider and rope he drifted down. Mr. Jackson realized that the sort of "Headless Horseman" will be hard to knock out. But had successfully fight must be won on points. The shadow is no longer rising.

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