Water Circus, or to lead the European economic ship captains

Circus on the water, or where are the European Economic ship captainsThe current financial situation in the European Union more resembles a ship that once traveled with James Cook own team. Ship directed to the south, and all around there are more velikanskih icebergs that and strive proporot ship and plunge it into the cool depths of the ocean. However, Cook and can recognize and, as they say, to forgive. He's really no way of knowing that a serious course to the south does not mean appearance on the horizon of the country's burgeoning paradise with colorful sunlit trees, exotic fruits and sprawling palm trees.

All these economic palms, bananas and coconuts suddenly will not grow after the cash ship EU reaches a certain parallel. And that seems to parallel this ship has already been reached, and his captains as ever in his voice hoarse trying to shout: "Full speed ahead — in full sail!", Meaning that there is still worse …

Must pay tribute to the brain of James Cook which found the strength within themselves, and yet turned his own "Endeavour" back, knowing that it is necessary to adjust your own route, so as not to run into icebergs. Economic capital in Europe today, apparently, do not have a brain Cook because stubbornly are "United Europe" straight to the ice trap. Well, can you read about choosing the right course when the ship is not run by one person, and the whole gang. With all of this all of the representatives of the European Cooperative captain and tries to run up to the helm and steer slightly in their favor. From time to time we must note that this is behind the wheel of a real battle, but from time to time, in an unusual confluence of events on the bridge in general there is no one, either all of the cabins are hidden, or are preparing to inflate life rafts and rescue wear a vest. Only now, apparently, life-that means at all may not be enough.

Greek passengers from the ship, try wood structure, so that, if anything, in these improvised means to swim even before any shore. Passengers from England so generally argue that it is time to get rid of something from someone, without waiting for a direct collision with an iceberg and looking towards a frown on his own Greek and Portuguese companions.

The exciting thing about that in such a situation in the skies above the vessel in distress of the European economy is flying a small helicopter, which is clearly visible inscription «Standard & Poor's». From the height of the deck staring businesslike people in serious dark suits and identify the members of the crew and passengers, all of which are better than others, as provided life jackets. If you behold the man which sits on a couple of jackets, means Teuton or Dutchman with a rating of AAA, but if the eye catches passenger with a smoke bomb and a torn piece of plywood, then it is either the Greek or the Romanians in general, for whom the ratings «S & P» bukovkoy start with C and it is completed. With all this Romanians bought tickets for this ship and to this day are still trying to settle their colored pieces of paper, which they proudly called the Romanian currency.

Some very impulsive representatives naval command even try to run in the "men in black" and their annoying helicopter that comes handy: the EU Charter or even parts of the contract to host the European missile defense, but the helicopter still not far away from the ship flies away — waiting, as they say , the embodiment of their own davneshnih forecasts …

Certainly, European captains try to do everything possible to avoid a catastrophe, but often these tests are more like a sample of your own ship sails to inflate the power of light, and not to substitute them for the freshest breeze of change. Brand new idea of European captains then looks way: now ship called "European economy" should be taken consistently sailing to own the right purpose, even its lower decks partly flooded. In other words, we assume even a small decline in production to increase the excitement in the market use of products and services. However, for breach of discipline economical passenger ship will be penalized angrily.

All the same the Greeks decided to carry not quite on the vessel, and tied a rope to the stern of the raft. With all of this rope is tied to the stern pretty hard. And if suddenly will fly next hurricane and tear off the raft with the Greeks of the entire ship, then it will come off along with the ship's stern.

Because the captains of Merkel and Sarkozy strongly clung to the rope, so that the raft was kept afloat by not allowing the ship to fall apart.

Here again, you know, again, these Englishmen. If the captain Cameron did not trace it, what good can be in the middle of the night to get your own dagger and rope, then cut the Greek and later peacefully sleeping in the holds of the ship Italians, Portuguese and the other, reinforcing the slope, just pull over the side, while the other Captains are playing solitaire in the wardroom.

One gets the impression that the picture of Hieronymus Bosch "Ship Fools "revived after 5 hundred years old …

It remains to note that the year 2012 will be a landmark for the apparently described the ship. Whether it will collide with non-small iceberg and break apart, or the captains of all the same depart from their own personal ambitions and revise the course, laid a couple of years back, but do not yield positive results.

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