We dream about the moment when you can return to Belarus

June 20 — International Day of Refugees. Or seek to refugees from other countries in Belarus? And in which countries and why people are fleeing from Belarus?

Refugee status in Belarus are 830 foreigners, 70% of which — Afghans.

Annually file an application about a hundred people, but the units were granted asylum, says the head of the Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Aleksei Begun:

"Up to 10% of those who apply, given the status of refugees. Persecution on political grounds, according to religious beliefs, membership of a particular social group — the reasons are different."

Prevent the uncontrolled flow of refugees, for example, from North Africa helps geographical location of Belarus, said Alexei Begun:

"Here the question of access to the procedure. Well, we are not in Europe, we are not in Libya. So not everyone can get to the same country to file a petition. Aircraft is from Africa does not fly straight to Belarus. And so — Only direct aircraft. Georgians filed a petition, citizens of other countries. "

But from Belarus willing to go much more — and to give refugee status and without. How many migrant workers in Belarus — the exact figure, perhaps, no one knows. According to the National Statistics Committee, officially to work abroad annually travels about 6,000 people. In 2008, the then Minister of Economy of Belarus Nikolai Zaichenko at a meeting of the Council of Ministers called the number — 600,000 Belarusians were then migrants. Now the figure has decreased — anywhere crisis.

There are political refugees. Belarusians are looking for a better life in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic. Were forced to leave and obtain refugee status in the United States the leader of the Belarusian Popular Front Zenon Pozniak, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Semen Sharetsky, in Poland — a former director of the Belarusian Stock Exchange and a member Valery Round. This year left Belarus for political reasons, the ex-presidential candidate Mikhalevich, editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin. Opposition parties do not hide that, in some cases, help to representatives of the democratic forces to leave the country.

Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko said:

We agree with those who are focusing on migrants to send us inquiries, be they members of the party, is a threat to them or not.

"For example, Natalya Brel. We helped her move out. Once she found a form of congratulation Alexander Lukashenko — sent a rope and soap, and a criminal case. Here we make every effort to have these people left. Or Andrey Bondarenko, which is already out of jail. We also helped him to move out when, after the campaign was prosecuted. He first left and then came back — he has a child, nostalgia — and got people in jail. The situation is difficult, and an example of the same Andrey Bondarenko shows that there is a threat. There have been great efforts both here and abroad, to set him free. "

Anatoly Lebedko said that there are times when some are not very honest people to leave the country to be granted refugee status, so to speak, "substituted" Share-spekulyuyuts belonging to opposition parties:

"We have agreed with those who are focusing on migrants to send us inquiries, be they members of the party, is a threat to them or not. And our position is very clear. There are cases where some people do not even Belarusians know something about UCP and thus try to solve the case. And there are times when we confirm that the man — a member of the party, but no threat of imprisonment was not for him. system is completely transparent, and we are not interested, to create additional incentives for people to just leaving. "

Many activists campaign headquarters after the election and the events of December 19 left from Belarus to Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. Yuri Karetnikau together with Vyacheslav Siuchyk, Andrei Kim and the other is now in Kiev, but refugees are not going to be done:

"Of course, we live here and Belarus. And for all the events that take place in Belarus, we are watching. And any information that is important for those people who are now in custody, expand in countries where we have right now. Without question what we dream about when we can go back to Belarus. hope — at least, our Kyiv group — it will happen very soon. "

By the way, some had tasted life in exile, returned to Belarus — could not adapt to the Norwegian poet Slawomir Adamowicz, Sweden came back from a sister of political prisoner Alexander Klaskouski Olga.

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