What awaits the Belarusian Internet after July 1?


Members: Site Coordinator «Generation by» Yuri Sidun and an expert in the field of ITAlexei Tchernyaev.

What kind of people are expecting?

Valery Karbalevich"Since the Presidential Decree number 60" On measures to improve the use of the national segment of the Internet "was a lot of thinking about what consequences this may have. Appeared after the relevant government regulations. And on July 1, the decree and regulations to take effect. Yakiya inconvenience waiting for ordinary users? Yakiya danger to them are now? "

Yuri Sidun"For the average user this decree was unobtrusive yet. Noticed only by those who have tried to use an internet cafe. There, they were required documents. The primary audience of Internet cafes — it is the students. But they have already left for the summer. No disturbance wave. This is evidenced by the number of participants in the protests against the decree. "

If there are precedents for prosecution for expressing thoughts on internet forums, then the effect will be.

Alexei Tchernyaev"The decree contains a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, even the experts do not know what the consequences might be. I do not think that the decree will affect somehow on forum participants. In order to exert psychological pressure on the online community, the government should spend any punitive action. If there are precedents for prosecution for expressing thoughts on internet forums, then there will be an element. "

Karbalevich"This is a criminal investigation into the comments on the article on the website of" Charter ".

Registry problems

Karbalevich"By July 1, all business entities that implement in Belarus goods and services over the Internet are required to use only the information systems and networks of the national segment — that is located on the territory of the country. By July 1, all resources must be registered in the State inspection of telecommunications. However, registered with few resources. Why? It is not profitable, it is inconvenient or any other reasons? "

Sidun"First, it is unclear what responsibility for failure. Secondly, it is unclear what to do. Many people think to translate their resource abroad. Everyone is waiting.

The fact that the decree is ill-conceived, evidenced by the fact that not even registered sites of ministries. No wonder the course of many of the provisions have been simplified. A lot of software that would avtamatyzavala mass registration sites. I think that in 1-2 months when the authorities will see that most of the resources registered, they will be forced to step back a little from their demands. "

Tchernyaev"It is not profitable, it is inconvenient and incomprehensible. Compliance with the law by government agencies — required only in a legal state. Therefore, business leaders and ministries while and do not worry. Pursue them no one will.

I do not think that the government will go to any relief because I did not agree with George in that sense. You can draw a parallel with the infamous Article 193 of the Criminal Code — the punishment for the activities of an unregistered organization. This article is used selectively, only a few times against the opposition. I think the decree of the Internet will also be used selectively. "

Or decree reached your goal?

Karbalevich"Why do I need this decree was? What is its purpose? Or whether they achieved?


The decree to test the waters, as a society react to the attempt by the state to control the Internet.

"For a long time, the state ignored the Internet. Now, can not be ignored. The decree to test the waters, as a society react to the attempt by the state to control the Internet. For officials, this sphere is very difficult, get it right a few people. Therefore accepted the decree, government regulations, which are not feasible in many moments. "

Tchernyaev"The long-term goal of this decree — the desire of the authorities to create a small public internet to each site quickly physically could walk a few riot police. Officials aim to have all under control. For them, the unpleasant and unacceptable that the Internet has no borders, sites can be created abroad. Therefore they try to pull out sites on the territory of Belarus, under the jurisdiction of the Belarusian legislation. But the government will not achieve success. The experience of Iran. Of course, some people will be punished, opposition organizations. But the global goal of a controlled internet will not be achieved. "


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