What fear in Russia and the U.S.? China and Uzbekistan are developing economic cooperation

What fear in Russia and the U.S.?  China and Uzbekistan are developing economic cooperation

According to the publication "Market Leader" China continues to increase its presence and influence in the Central Asian region. Last week, China started a whole new level of cooperation with the countries of Asia.

The official delegation of China to have a representative Bango led a visit to Uzbekistan. This government claims to be the winner in this region.

Practically, with the full support of the massive Chinese neighbor Uzbekistan claims are based not only on the independent political doctrine, and on the desire to play the role of specific contemporary Central Asian "first violin". Although similar a diplomatic rapprochement Uzbekistan China and the irritation is not only in the Russian Federation, and the Washington administration. What other innovations in the gas market of investors will follow, and whether there are positive conditions for mutual cooperation?

What are the stages of development of bilateral relations?

In April this year, Uzbek President Islam Karimov on an official visit to Beijing, where he met with President Hu Jintao. Heads of 2-countries have gained a number of agreements on many issues of political and economic cooperation.

Based on the outlook of fraternities Uzbek Academy «Masterforex-V», specifically their implementation, and were intended to encourage signed in Tashkent on September 21 documents. According to the results of the official visit of Islam Karimov to China was signed by more than 20 fundamentally documents and signed contracts for projects of a total value exceeding 3.5 billion dollars. "The main purpose of my visit — the embodiment of the favorites made 2-of consent and the removal of the Sino-Uzbek relations to a new level", — concluded the Wu Bangguo:

1. What proposals he brought Wu? In her own speech in the Uzbek parliament, the Chinese parliament speaker suggested in-1's, increase the degree of strategic cooperation based on the general policy of deepening trust, in-2, set a tight fit economic relations on the basis of mutual benefit and win-of success, and, for-3 on the basis of strengthening collaboration in the military sphere, which confront real danger of armed conflict. On this basis, China has the intention to influence not only on the economic processes in Uzbekistan, but have some political impact.

2. What documents are able to sign? W. Bangguo during his own visit to Uzbekistan held talks with the President of the Parliament of Uzbekistan Ilgizar top Sobirov. In the end, signed a number of fundamentally official documents:

— Memorandum of Cooperation between the same Committee of the NPC of China and the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main principle of the signing of the memorandum was eagerness further consolidate the legal framework of mutual cooperation in the practical sphere. There is no doubt that mutual contacts, previously only in the economic sphere, China and Uzbekistan are intended only to expand. Specifically for this purpose and should be a strong legal framework;

— A number of documents on cooperation in the oil and gas, technical, economic, mining and chemical sectors.

Investors should expect the discovery of "a modern Silk Road"?

Uzbekistan assigned to one of the main roles in the project pipeline for the "China — Central Asia", which originates at the border Uzbekistan with Turkmenistan and who have dubbed a "modern Silk Road." It will link Turkmenistan, which is one of the largest exporters of natural gas, with its largest customer — China:

— The total length of the new pipeline will be more than 1,800 kilometers from their territory of Uzbekistan will be the least bit thirds — 529 km of pipes;

— In December 2009, was put into operation the first branch of the pipeline, and in October 2010 from Central Asia to China gas supplied already started in two branches;

— Scheduled to be pumped through the pipeline will be 30 billion. cu. meters of "blue fuel". The volume of gas that has been pumped in the last two years of operation in China amounted to 14.7 billion cubic meters. m (as of September 1);

— Chinese construction company «CNPC» is the contractor of the pipeline. Wu Bangguo visited fellow citizens working in Uzbekistan.

Sino-Uzbek economic cooperation

Trade turnover. Over the past 5 years, the total volume of trade has increased more than four times and in 2010 exceeded 2 billion dollars. At the moment, the trade turnover between Uzbekistan and China, close to 2.4 billion dollars. In the first half of the year, it rose by 6.5% compared with the same period last year. Countries in 2015 are going to increase the volume of mutual trade to 5 billion dollars. In Tashkent, it was stated Wu.

Investments. Size vkladyvatelnyh Chinese investments in the economy of Uzbekistan is close to 1.65 billion. bucks. At this point in the Central Asian republic are hard at work more 350 companies with the role of Chinese investment in various sectors of the economy. For comparison, in 2005 such companies in Uzbekistan, there were only 83, in 2010 — 200, at the moment — 350. Dynamics is available.

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