What should be afraid of in the not to distant future? Interview

What should be wary of Russia in the near future?  Interview

In the practice of world politics is considered to be: the viability of the country, its security, and, as it follows its life in the world's history characterized by 4 main pokazatelyami.Za their preservation and strengthening designed to beat all municipal leaders, who consider themselves the spokesmen of the highest public interest.

The first such aspect — municipal area, in the collection and development of which invested tremendous efforts of all preceding generations. We will not rub salt in the wounds, recalling the territorial configuration that occurred in the late twentieth century, but we note that the integrity of the Russian Federation, the danger is not gone. First, they relate to our Far Eastern limits, and immediately — South Kuril ridge islands. Error Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet Union in refusing to take part in the San Francisco Conference and the signing of peace treaty with Japan, has led to the current situation, when Tokyo stubbornly refuses to recognize Russian sovereignty over the islands. In their own claims to Kunashir, Iturup, Habomai and Shikotan Japan gained the support of the United States and other Western partners of their own. Propaganda does the job, the new generations of the rising sun grow in the belief that the "northern territories" at some point, will be torn away from Russia.

Western analysts do not exclude also the option that the Kaliningrad region could be declared independent, the fourth Baltic state, which has already coined the title "Amber Land."

All the political and economic steps of the West in relation to this enclave areas are focused on weakening its ties with Russia. As long as there is a system destination Moscow governor this area until the Russian army stationed there and stand in Baltiysk remnants of the Navy, we remain relatively calm. But, God forbid, to start internal political turmoil in Russia: no one can guarantee the conservation of the Kaliningrad region as a subject of the federation. New generations of inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region in the majority of their own did not live in Russia, did not know it. Europe many of them sweeter and more closely.

It is amazing how tenacious anti-Russian sentiments in Estonia. From 1 January 2011 the this country has become the 17th member of the European Union, entered into the "euro" and received the right to mint coins with their own national symbols. First, where she began her teenage life in the EU — has made euro coin, which depicts the border with Estonia included in its composition by some today's Russia. When taking Estonia to NATO Tallinn forced to renounce any territorial claims to Moscow, he complied, now resumed his An old.

In 1926, the decision of the Central Executive Committee was defined boundary of our possessions in the Arctic. Decisions taken then simply and categorically. From the latter the western and eastern points of the last areas of the USSR through the meridians was depicted by a line up to the North Pole. Everything that came in this large sector, it was announced Soviet territory: the island shelf, aqua surface. But no one in the West did not recognize this border. While the Soviet Union was strong, he succeeds in making even foreigners the right to request permission to swim in the waters of our sector. Later uniform licensing regime was replaced by a notification, and after 1991, and that order was lost by itself. At present there is a covert struggle for the Arctic shelf. In Congress, the South American state of Alaska at one time even put forward territorial claims to the peninsula Wrangell — with reference to the right of the discoverer.

While the battle for the Arctic is a deaf character, as almost audible cannonade at the far front, but you have to be prepared for the fact that the front unavoidable in the near future closer to us.

The North Caucasus remains to this day a huge theater of war. The enormous infusion of money into the region from the federal treasury, amounting in the last 10 years, 800 billion rubles, it seems, did not yield any positive results. The army and the security forces are still the main paper clip holding the fragile stability in the North Caucasus and their relationship with Russia. Extremist, separatist forces do not slacken, and how deep peat fire, threatened to boil over when it is convenient ability.

I'm not even talking about the most dangerous hazards arising for RF as a result of the ongoing mass colonization emptying its suburbs — the Far East and Siberia — come from the countries of Southeast Asia. The absence of a clear, obmyslennoy migration policy, corrupt affection of the whole bureaucratic ratification serving the municipal boundaries of, quite different rates of population growth of the native population and foreign intruders can not add optimism. Very freshest in the memory operations in Kosovo and in South Africa, where demographic changes have led to a change in the fate of the country.

Second aspect of the country's security — the state of the country's population. International Political Science virtually united in a statement that the quantity and quality of the population determine the country's place in the global community. By the quality of the population refers to its ability to adopt and rapidly develop services worldwide scientific and technical progress. But above all appreciated the ability to create new mental values, to find breakthrough solutions of engineering problems, to move forward the world of science. Such civilizations get deceived by a name of "engines of human civilization."

Back in the distant "stagnant" 70 years of the twentieth century, the U.S. CIA began to produce a broad research program from the periodic state of demographic processes that take place in the Soviet Union. The main result of these crotch research was the conclusion of a gradual deterioration of the properties of the population. It was based on the fact that birth rates in different regions of the Soviet Union were not comparable: the population growth in the Muslim republics of Central Asia, Azerbaijan and the autonomous regions of the North Caucasus significantly superior to similar characteristics in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Evenly changed the structure of state of the USSR.

The CIA then notes that the overall educational level of the population in the Muslim republics and autonomous regions significantly inferior to those in the Slavic municipalities. As a result, stated: Russian control over time will get worse in quality additions to our armed forces who, because of the increasing saturation of the new technologies will push every year more and more qualified contingent of recruits. This process has been badly affected and the overall progress of scientific and technological development of the USSR.

Actions of 1991 led to the exit from the USSR all the former Soviet republics. Our homeland suddenly got rid of "the borderlands" and received a historic chance to become more mono-ethnic state, while maintaining a proper part of the huge number of small nations. Russia were in it up to 85 percent of the total population.

But "the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the twentieth century" — in the words of Vladim
ir Putin — stronger than just knocked specifically for Russian.

At this civilization was responsible for all the mistakes and misdeeds of Russian power, dismembering on many municipal neoplasms, she was demoralized, remained among the last in the privatization process. It has lost the status of "elder brother" and ceased to be the backbone of the country. As you know, the demoralization stronger than poverty or even poverty, pounding on the viability of civilization. Russia started to die, and this trend — the most severe threat to the Russian state, in which the word "Russian" disappeared from all official documents. Everything has become a "Russian" apart, perhaps, of the 1st of the Institute — the Russian Orthodox Church.

Progressive loss of indigenous partly offset by the increasing influx of migrants from the district and autonomous from the family abroad, but it only worsens the overall demographic situation, complicating its growing ethnic tensions, a jump of crime and other negative phenomena. Taken with a huge delay of measures to stimulate the birth rate — the maternity capital, the provision of Land plots for cottage construction — not nearly enough for a fracture of the fatal tendency of the population to extinction. The Russian Orthodox Church, the clergy and parishioners of which are more countless families should play a greater role in supporting the country's efforts in this direction.

Quality of generations of people now living RF inspires a lot of concerns for the future of the country. We still occupy, to the chagrin of leading positions in these "categories", the number of suicides, the number of crazy people affected by sexually transmitted diseases, drug addiction, alcoholism. With today's state of health is unlikely to get us to cure an unhealthy society, because the main effort should be to put on maintaining the health of the young generation of Russian people, using his secure world and Russian experience.

Demographic processes are not so transient and mobile as social change, but they are more menacing and destructive to the country.

They look like a leisurely accumulation of volcanic energy in subterranean formations, which at one point erupt in the form of destructive eruptions and deadly pyroplastic streams, destroying all life in its path.

And let's not state that these risks appear alone for themselves and are taken out of nowhere …

Logistical asset of the country and its peoples — guarantee of its prosperity and development. This property consists of 2-principal components. The first number is the natural gifts, they may be in the form of underground storerooms, weather benefits or geographical location on the globe. By the second part of the national wealth is all that is created on the territory of the country hands of countless generations who lived and the people living here. Industry, agriculture, transportation, communication — the terms heritage of civilization. In the history of mankind all the reforms are usually focused on what to frolic and in a huge amount to increment this domain.

Unfortunately, the attempt to reform an old Soviet economic machine, launched in the 80-90's in the process of so-called "perestroika" and the subsequent "reform" turned in almost all respects the usual destruction. In its place is so far not created a modern socio-economic model and are viewed very poorly even its main features. The lack of clear guidelines state development and ways to promote them lowers the forward speed. Municipal ship moves like groping in a fog.

Destructive step "perestroika" and "reforms" dealt a heavy blow to the logistical wealth of the country. According to the estimates of professionals, the total damage amounted to 1.75 trillion dollars, which is four times higher than with excessive damage caused by the second world war, the Soviet economy. For the post-Soviet period in Russia braked more than 70 thousand factories, five thousand of which were large, with the number of employees more than a thousand people. Were almost completely lost the whole branches of industry, and in the midst of their machinery (other than cars), the creation of machines, control and communication systems, consumer electronics and others. Agriculture suffered heavy losses, destroyed about half the number of all types of livestock. Our homeland has lost its food sovereignty.

Weeping and wailing over the loss of a logistics domain of the country have become common place in Russian journalism, but country has until very bolshennymi resources for their own development as a modern nation.

Preserved fuel and energy complex, supporting our economy afloat, metallurgical works (including color) industry, chemical — in terms of the production of fertilizers. In the past year, sharply, in fact twice increased the creation of all types of vehicles. The society is widely commented Misha Prokhorov's initiative to create a unique Russian hybrid car which should outshine all the main operational parameters known world analogues.

Work has begun on creating innovator in the center "Skolkovo". They say that the first swallow does not make a summer, but all the same it gives hope for the parish. With all this sluggish from many years of fruitless discussions on the topic of modernization and accelerating commoners readily invent ironic definition. Instead of the "Silicon Valley" utter "Silicon raspberry", "nanotechnology" will be renamed to "mannotehnologii" …

In the field of agriculture at the end of 2010, was adopted by a fundamental law providing for compulsory withdrawal from the former owners of lands of agricultural purpose, have not been used for this purpose in the last 3 years. The initiative, on the one hand, one hundred percent justified, as hundreds of thousands of hectares of agricultural land purchased by speculators for resale to large agricultural holdings. But, on the other hand, it will knock, and very painful, for hundreds of thousands of farmers — yesterday's farmers, who have received in liquidation of farms so called "shares", making them conditional land owners. But farmers do not have the funds to purchase agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilizers, they could not even pay inflated prices for land surveying. Some people, in desperation, sold their shares to speculators, but many still cling to their rights, which can now be eliminated. History knows many examples of very effective solutions problems of land and agricultural production. RF also requires an overarching land legislation aimed, priemuschestvenno, to increase agricultural productivity and securing the population on earth.

Government, as indicated by the historical practice, plays an important role in overcoming the problems that have emerged as a result of the severe distortions in the socio-economic situation of the country. So it was in Russia after the defeat in the Crimean War, the United States after the heavy civilian war 1861-1864 years after the "Great Depression" 1929 in China after the "Great Leap Forward" and the rates for the creation of "selhozkommun."

Hope that market forces alone for themselves will lead to the elimination of the crisis, particularly if they are associated with abnormal structure of the economy, groundless, and can only lead to loss of time, which the Russian Federation is not.

For our country, perhaps, the most urgent task is to find ways to end the diversion of capital limit. Ec
onomic Development admits personal capital invested in Russia are not in their own state, and tends to escape into offshore. This event, on the one hand, undermining any hope of renewal of the material-technical basis of the country, and on the other — demoralizes the whole of society, which sees that the ruling class does not believe in the future of their own country and in advance of preparing for emigration over the limit. This is perhaps the greatest threat to our country in this direction.

Back in 1996, the Patriarch and Metropolitan of All Russia Alexy II and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church issued a statement which read: "Not wanting to engage in the political field, likes and dislikes, without interfering in the political struggle, the Church, but can not express my deepest concern for the fate of, for the spiritual condition of the people, its culture, science, and social status. Freedom, acquired at the cost of many labors and losses can be discounted destruction of the real basis for their implementation. " Pay attention to the last words, they are burning now.

Fourth column of the carrier state (state) security — the way of life of the population, often referred to as "a way of life." Greater contribution to the development of this category have brought the South American political scientists, because they say to us constantly about "the American form of life," for the protection of which the authorities are willing to use the latest tools. They were quite declare at the time of the incompatibility of the "communist ideology" with the South American way of life, so that all future legislative work was imbued with the spirit of the anti-communist prohibitive. In some nations in the history of the place took a huge struggle to maintain their own distinctive "way of life" — China, Japan and others sought to military force to impose their own way of life to other people. So were destroyed American Mayan and Aztec civilizations, unique cultural centers in Africa and Asia, which took the place of the colonial system. Recent attempts to impose its own universal "way of life" to other peoples can be considered Hitler's "new order" or the idea of the world socialist revolution.

In recent decades, the notion of globalization, in other words, to bring the world to a common denominator. As the idea of globalization would be entered as humane principles. It creates a memory, as if globalization itself appeared as a result of scientific and technological progress in the world of communication and informatics.

But at least some people realize adekvatnomyslyaschy: globalization — it's the same old policy of imposing other peoples of alien standards of living, only better disguised.

In the role of the beneficiaries of globalization are the powers that have greater economic and promotional power.

Lifestyle — the spiritual component of national security. By this we mean the totality of all the historical relations of the individual with others, with society and the state. This is a difficult network of legal norms, moral foundations, religious and ethical relations. The stronger the complex this "way of life", the more stable the ethnicity or the government that created it. For the Russian Federation is a concept was formulated in the nineteenth century by the then Minister of Education Sergei Uvarov as "Autocracy, Orthodoxy and Nationality". This triad of the Russian government rested almost half a millennium, but in a dramatic — if not catastrophic — the twentieth century way of life of our people twice been constructive scrapping. After the October Revolution was created a new "way of life", the basic values which were the opposite of what was usually preceded by many generations of Russian. Personality is one hundred percent subordinated to the interests of the country, religion was outlawed, personal property removed. 70 years have tried to find a brand new form of power, that combine personal interests with the public, but in the allotted period of history she has not been able to solve this puzzle.

Actions of 1991 led to the recent, more destructive breaking style of living. To replace the usual cult of individualism, collectivism has come. In the ruined Russian soil have been brought alien seeds — without a clear understanding of what kind of mutants can to nurture her.

Instead of excess Russian oppressive paternalism of the country today totally relieved itself from responsibility for the material and spiritual life of the people.

The usual range of actual values of the person was deformed. Everything was based on what education of the individual, since biblical times and ending with the 'Code of the Builder of Communism ", suddenly was overturned. Funds were the only measure of success in life, all that is spiritual has been torn and subjected to ridicule, but in the Holy Scripture says that "not by bread alone a living person."

This sort Scrapping lifestyle of the people led to devilish consequences for the people and the country. As we now begin to grieve over the death of such institution as an ordinary human family — and it was called "cell state" — then you need to realize that this is a consequence of the destruction of our historical 'way of life. "

We were among the most corrupt countries in the world, the extent of theft in Russia was devastating proportions. Some in the West refers to as our public unit "dictatorship of kleptocracy." Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his work, "Russia in Collapse" comes to that thought: "Russia is flattened by shrapnel concrete structure of communism." And all this — a consequence of the destruction of life style of the people.

Specifically, the formation of a new lifestyle — the primary task Russian government and the country's leading religious denominations, especially the Russian Orthodox Church. In their hands is the most extensive network of educational institutions, they are kept under control most of the media. For the approval of a new style of life is very important is the personal example of secular and spiritual leaders and pastors.

All the dangers that it is actually there. We wish we like it or not. If we determine that they were in the past, and in the new year has started a "new life", this will be the greatest mistake.

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