What threatens new Ukraine gas row?

What threatens new Ukraine gas row?

It seems that Ukrainian politicians nor day or can not live without scandal. Here and now broke another conflict related, as, for sure, many have guessed, with the gas. In the past mon Ukrainian government announced with great pride that the candidate for Russian gas found — Tipo with one of the Spanish companies was signed contract the construction of a new pipeline. But everything points to the fact that yet another adventure might be a precursor of large expenditures that will affect the Ukrainian municipal budget.

Ukrainian authorities are trying not to lose face, by all means, justifying its role in the next sonorous scandal. And it is connected with the signing of more than a week back is very hard to understand the contract price in the billions of dollars. Ukrainian State Agency for Investment signed a contract with some Georgie Sarda Bonwit the construction of LNG-terminal set up for processing liquefied gas. According to Mykola Azarov, which he made during the meeting of the Cabinet, a similar agreement will be the first but significant step towards getting Ukraine's energy independence from Russia. But almost in the same day it was found out that the person who signed the contract, does not have the smallest business to the company of the Spanish Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering, which he represented the Tipo. In other words, simply put, is a common swindler. The Spaniards were flatly accept the agreement, saying that has no disk imaging of the person which signed the document.

Now the government does not give any comments on the incident, as the say-that is nothing special. The only thing that was made from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers — is a statement of intent all the same to build the terminal, even without the participation of the Spanish firm. So Makar, the words likely to justify that in fact no agreement exists.

Some managed to get comments from the control of the municipal Investment Agency Vladislav Kassiva, who also perceived the most concrete role in the signing of the contract. He referred to the scandal usual misunderstanding that will not have any effect on the upcoming construction of the terminal. He also said that the Spanish company had nothing fundamentally fundamental importance for the realization of the project. And, since Ukraine has very many partners, all of the technical issues that have emerged are solved without any special problems.

As for these "many" partners ", to be exact — American partners for the construction of the terminal, they still keep silent.

Recall, LNG-terminal is needed for the processing of liquefied natural gas to Ukrainian government has tried to make out as a nominee Russian natural gas. The project is expected to finish by 2018. At the time, while you run your system work to create a ground terminal, the gas must come to a floating platform with capacity of 5 billion cubic meters per year. Start the platform scheduled for 2015, the power ground terminal should reach 10 billion cubic meters. It is planned to be used for processing of fuel in a gaseous state.

At the same time, despite the importance of similar initiatives, many of its elements were not obmysleny. This, namely, is that the gas distributors were not identified. Official Kiev planned to receive gas for the terminal from America, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Qatar, which, as the government claims, has in fact turned out to agree. Moreover, Yanukovych has led Qatar to the number of the important suppliers of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine, and even said that with the help of Ukraine will be able to organize the supply of gas to Europe. Pay for gas is planned wheat and barley.

In addition, the problem of the formation of special tanker fleet, created to transport the gas to Odessa, also not solved. Not solved the problem also financing the project. According to the director of the Energy Research papers written by Marunych, the only thing for sure is understandable in terms of funding, it is something that a quarter of the funds will be allocated from the municipal budget. Regarding the rest of the amount in the current negotiations are under way in New York and London.

The new terminal dozhzhen provide about 10 percent of the volume of gas consumed. But, according to political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko, that amount does not solve the problems of energy shortage that exists in the industry of the state. He notes that the Russian gas used specifically in the industry, and in order to replace this volume, we need infrastructure storage of liquefied gas tankers, but nothing like in the Ukraine at the present time there. More in order to build this infrastructure needs significant funds that are not going to allocate any European Alliance, which is true time he is experiencing real difficulties, nor much less America. In addition, do not quite understand what to do with the transport system, which exists at the present time — pipelines, storage facilities and stations. If you put all the gas from Qatar, the whole system will not be fun for the Russian Federation, and to receive dividends from the transit of gas to Europe, Ukraine will not be able to.

In addition, for the construction itself will take a couple of years, and it is not clear exactly how all that time, Ukraine plans to solve its gas problems. Because certain political scientist, this project — it's not that different, as an attempt to influence Russia to reduce gas prices, a desire to prove that in fact is not Ukraine is dependent on Russian gas, but if you will receive it at Bole low prices, then agree to take it.

Such debates about energy independence while walking, and when the Ukraine were discovered shale gas supplies, just as there were discussions about switching to fuels from coal and straw …

The objectives of the Ukrainian government to pay for gas wheat Bezpalko expressed confidence that it would be unprofitable for most of Qatar, so as the wheat market is quite wide, and there is much more profitable partners, if Ukraine. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the event that trading is usually committed by means of, but not barter.

Along with that, despite all the flaws and shortcomings, the Ukrainian government is confident in the prospects of the project. At the moment, a billion-dollar scandalous failure gave a good reason for opposition forces aggressively criticized (again) the authorities. Moreover, the leaders of the party "Fatherland" even expressed the need to prosecute the country's head of Yanukovych, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, and together with them, and the head of the Municipal Agency for Investment V.Kassiva. And Sergey Sobolev, first deputy chairman of the "Fatherland" in parliament said that the investigation into the scandal will be the first question, which make out the Verkhovna Rada of the new convocation.

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