What will happen to Libya after the victory of the Western coalition?

It is clear that the victory of the Western coalition, supported by a number of Arab countries, it is a matter of time. Libya's "Stalingrad" will not air defense and air force virtually destroyed, destroy armored vehicles and warehouses every day. The separatists, supported by coalition air force begin to beat the town. At the current time, the U.S. and UK instructors to train "militants" — follow a policy of "young soldier".

Although small guns and cash reserves (for example: gold) in Gaddafi ad libitum food for a few months (about 4-D) and supporters still have. Gaddafi, if it is not on a physical level, liquidate, it may take "guerrilla" on it its resources there is, but he does not hold the country.

What will happen to Libya after the victory of the Western coalition?

What will win the separatists?

— Plummet standard of living of Libya, Gaddafi socialism more they can not see. Cash flows will be redirected in favor of seized power clans and foreign companies.

— Raise the question of the unity of the country, the separatists are Cyrenaica and Tripolitania whether they obey the big question. Fully likely split Libya into two parts.

— Who will come to power? Initially apparently take power liberal forces and representatives of Cyrenaica, but then there is a great opportunity to come to power through democratic means, even the Islamists, to the same anti-Western sentiment, after the bombing will be very strong.

— Oh, it's a blow to Europe, London and Paris are doing a huge problem of the whole of Europe — is the wave of refugees overwhelm Italy. It will be only worse. Gadhafi, who held back the migration out of Africa, there will be no Arabs living in the most Libya falls, the influx of migrants is growing very rapidly. Soon, European capitals. We'll have to go to the unpopular measures, fascist-Nazi character. Just sink the boat of migrants by the Air Force and Navy, in other economies, and so barely alive (in Portugal days are practically admitted in bankruptcy) will fall, and the country will overflow wave grass roots of racism, can be large and the uprising of the Islamic communities in France, Italy, UK, etc.

— In Libya, the likely option of a "Taliban-2."

In other words, anger UK and France — is a hit "elites" of these states of their own populations, and other European countries. Although maybe it was planned as one of the problems to be solved — "lower" standard of living of Europeans and support the second wave of fascism and Nazism in Europe.

What will happen to Libya after the victory of the Western coalition?

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