Whats more, the Universe, or the brain?

August 18, 2012 14:42

What's more, the Universe, or the brain?

The universe is huge, but if we can provide it with the help of our mind — then does that mean that our brains over the universe? There are several very good reasons for both sides of the dispute. Here we give only a brief excerpt from a large published an article on the subject.

"Of course, our brain is impressive — but should we give him the crown?

Let us listen to the voice of the universe, as recently wrote critic Katherine Schultz, if you fancy a space primitive way, like a giant space with stars, planets and gas clouds, then yes, our mind can imagine it all. But what if we have a little complicate the task, and add here the puzzle of dark energy, the space-time continuum, the Higgs fields, tiny pieces of energy, jumping out of nowhere and then disappearing into the tiniest of spaces can be represented? And what if I told you that the faster you move, the more you get, until finally, at the speed of light your mass does not increase in monstrous proportions?

"Many people think it's stupid," says astronomer Carl Sagan, "and every week or two, I get a letter from someone who complains to me about it," but no matter how strange it looks, it is true , and experimentally verifiable truth. But the truth like this is not easy to accept. Our mind freezes in confusion.

"The universe is not only more complex than we think," says biologist D.B.S. Haldane, "but also more complex than we can suppose." From the point of view of Dr. Haldane, the universe is more than our brain. There are things that we just can not know, and can not even imagine with the help of the brain, which has the … So — the crown gets the universe? "

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