When the birthday of the robot? First android — thousands of years?

January 7, 2012 6:49

It is believed that human-machine will not until the second half of XX century, but in fact it is not.

In a time when people worshiped the pantheon of Greek gods, the myths sung strange creatures. This, for example, the copper giant Talos guarded Crete buyout, gold and iron tripods girls god Hephaestus blacksmith's shop. By the way, it was equipped with a different forge sophisticated equipment. It burned the unquenchable fire, fur, who supported him were driven by word of Hephaestus — in fact there is the latest computer technology. Each metal was melted in an oven, where the clock optimum temperature. Wherever you were created robots ancient world, it happened in the forge of Hephaestus.

Copper mechanical giant Talos ordered the supreme god Zeus, was also built by Hephaestus. He guarded the island of Crete and lived in Festus. Three times a day he went around the island, to keep order and driving away chuzhye ships.

In addition, at the request of the same gods, Hephaestus created a sophisticated robot servants who controlled telepathically by thought. They might also have to anticipate the desires of the owner. What is not a dream of modern engineering? In appearance they resembled the tripod, which moved with the wheel, and do all the orders and wishes of the gods. Me as Hephaestus obviously tired of earthly women, made two gilded girls who differed force, mind and voice. They could sing, dance and have considerable intelligence.

It is interesting that a similar mechanism is described in the ancient epic. Chetyrehglazy six-armed and Chi-Yu peresechennnoy moved to the area and could fly. When Chi-Yu broken or dead, his head buried in the cave. Then he worshiped for many years, and at times out of his grave raised clouds of steam, highlighted in red. By the way, he ate iron, sand and stones. And if we assume that this "food" is processed into nuclear power, it is quite possible that after the failure mechanism continued emissions.

Interesting and Chinese legend about imperatoskom dragon. According to legend, the ruler of China Huang had this reptile — with metal wings and belly. Oddity is that the dragon could not fly in poor visibility and adverse weather conditions, as evidenced by the whole quote. That, in general, it is rather strange, considering that dragons — patrons of the wind and rain …

Scientists are quite likely to assume that a way "dragon" to hide the real technical prototype in the form of an aircraft. Moreover, that the legend says that a dragon could raise in the air 70.

If you get back to Greek mythology, it is interesting to pay attention to the scene, describing the dogfights Harpies (winged bird-monster with a woman's head) and boreadov (winged sons of the god of the north wind Boreas). Chroniclers mention that harpy unbearable stink. And that, if we assume that stank smell of fuel, to which ancient people could not be familiar?

Another legend of those years — "Argonavtika" — tells the story of the big birds Stimfaliyskih copper shiny wings that threw sharp, like a boom (or a bullet?) Feathers in the Argonauts. When one of them was shot down, the rest of the boat in circles Jason, flew away. That is what modern pilots on military aircraft when patrolling the object or want to make sure that the target hit.

In the XVIII century French engineer Vaucanson constructed a number of unusual devices. For example, his "flute" was 170 cm in height and could play 12 plays the flute. Another android designer played with the left hand on the Provençal flute, right — the tambourine and yet, like the minstrels of Provence, snapping his tongue.

In addition, the mechanic made a tin bronze duck. It is extremely accurate and can mimic the original swim, dive, splash around in the water, biting food, and, surprisingly, shit.

Vaucanson's contemporaries, Swiss father and son Dro produced android girl who played the piano and 12-year-old boy, who performed all the movements of the copyist. He could write a few sentences, while respecting the correctness in placing words and lines. The brothers have developed and presented to the Spanish monarch Ferdinand VI clock made of a complex machine: sitting on the balcony with a book lady, who from time to time sniffing tobacco, tiny canary who sang and whirr, dog, protecting a fruit basket, which, if someone took one fruit, bark, until taken not to return to the basket.

But secular society is not a long time to enjoy the works of talented Draw: Holy Inquisition selected "demonic things", and the inventors themselves to jail. Androids are now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Neuchâtel, in Switzerland.

Ivan the Terrible was also at the service of the "iron man." He was able to attend, bring a cup of wine, to bow to guests. The archives are preserved records that the king's contemporaries had a few "iron women and men."

Another inventor — James Bruce, associate of Peter 1. Not surprisingly, during the life he was considered black magic and magician. The chronicles of the time to preserve the history associated with it. Chandler Alexei Morozov once saw the house astronomer fly out to circle and come back iron birds.

A day Morozov returned to this place with friends, but they had to flee: the windows flew three figures with women's heads, overtaking the "spies" indescribable horror. After a few days the city rumors that Bruce communicates with evil spirits and turns people into dragons.

It is known that James Bruce was trying to create a lethal machine: this is seen in the preserved drawings that resemble modern aircraft, some of which had been lost in the 30's of last century. There is a hypothesis that they stole the Germans, and they were the basis of undefeated fighters "messershmitov."

Among other inventions, Bruce — iron maid who waited on him. When a scientist retired, he took it with him to the Glinka. Doll walking around in the garden and talked with the peasants. Serfs were afraid of it at first, but then got used to it and even became known as "Yashkin sissy". The scheme of this android is also preserved in the papers of James Bruce.

The first attempts to create a mechanical man can be considered and the development of Leonardo Da Vinci. In the middle of the last century have been discovered drawings of Leonardo, who was trying to construct an iron knight. True, it is unknown whether the wizard on promotion sketch.

But it is certain that he has created a mechanical lion. The device could take a few steps and stopped in front of the king opened his side door — and out of his belly spilling beautiful lilies. This was preserved mentions 1500, left by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

By surviving drawings a few years ago tried to play metal toy Frenchman Renato Boaretto. Recreated from nothing lion can turn his head, open and close the jaws, moving tail and walk through the museum in the castle of Clos Lucé, the last place where he lived by Leonardo da Vinci.

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