Who's the bottom heated with gas?

The Company What actually constitutes acceptance of "Gazprom" to increase the transit rate? Does this mean the victory of Alexander Lukashenko and exposing the "hypocrisy" of previous arguments of Moscow?

We will understand from the beginning.

Where did the transit debt?

Debt to "Gazprom" has not been

"Gazprom" is not paying for transit from November of last year in connection with attempts focuses on the Belarusian side. First, "Beltransgaz" invoice sent to Moscow, which was listed lower gas price for Belarus. If the company had paid off transit according to these documents, it would have recognized thereby declared Minsk price.

Then, the Belarusian side tried to link the transit rate to the price of gas and demanded Russia to increase payments for transit, respectively, an increase in fuel prices for Belarus.

Both attempts, however, were doomed to failure, as per the contract, these notions was impossible to defend.

What is the idea?

The contract provides for a unique opportunity to increase the transit rate — an increase in wholesale margins on intra-market. This amendment was made today and in the contract. What it means to "human language"?

Increase transit fees not replenish the Belarusian budget

Fuel distribution system Belarus operates as follows. "Beltransgaz" buys gas from "Gazprom" and sells it with a minimum mark-state enterprise "Beltopgaz." And he had already sold it to end users.

What is the amendment to the contract?

The parties agreed on the following. "Gazprom" has agreed to recognize the increase in transit fees last date — since the beginning of the year. Accordingly, it is the size of debt and $ 32 million mentioned by the Belarusian side.

But last date was entered and increase the wholesale price of gas for Belarusian consumers. That is "Beltopgaz" (which means — Belarusian budget) are also forced to admit for a debt to "Gazprom" as a shareholder "Beltransgaz" — about the same amount. The difference the government must now make a "pot", "Beltransgaz".

The parties simply shift money from one pocket to another

The whole combination with the amendment to the contract is, therefore, simply perakladanne money from one pocket to another — how to "Gazprom" and for Belarus budget.

Why then can be "muddy"?

But this looks like a meaningless agreement on paper. In practice — some benefits becomes the official Minsk.

Lukashenko has received about $ 50 million interest-free loan

After Belarus transit fees start flowing immediately. "Gazprom" also receive dividends only when it decides to management "Beltransgaz", which is still under the control of the Belarusian government. Superfluous to say that the rush to the benefit he will not.

Moreover, the entrance to the game of another entity gives Minsk a new space to maneuver. It is likely that in the "Beltopgas" Now there will be "unexpected circumstances", for which he paid "Beltransgaz" will chronically spaznyatstsa.


Alexander Lukashenko could thus knock yourself this interest-free loan. Sooner or later, pay, of course, necessary, but elections will be assistance to which about fifty million dollars.

Pre-election PR

But perhaps just as important is the time of PR. And it is not only possible to declare at least some kind of victory in the "gas war".

The fact that Minsk will be forced to soon substantially raise the utilities.

After the election, will jump utilities

Moreover, much higher than the rise in prices for Russian gas. This is one of the main conditions of the International Monetary Fund to release the next loan, and in his last letter to the director of the IMF Sidorsky Prakapovich promised to do so within a year.

Responsibility for the rise in prices, and most importantly — knocking them out of the Belarusian entities — translated so partly on the shoulders of "malicious", "Gazprom".

Going back to the original question — someone who "heat" as a result of the gas war? Says one of my friends, without a hundred gram's not razbyaressya …

And as suggested by YOU?


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