Who was in Bruzgi — determined by the video recording

In Grodno court continues the new cases of protesters drivers and entrepreneurs at the checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the Belarusian-Polish border, which took place on the evening of June 12. Then once fourteen people were arrested, according to them on the brink of Grodno sent a paddy wagon.

According to the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin, new entrants are determined based on video made in Bruzgi at the time. Their cause in various courts, for example, in the Leninsky district, although obliged to hear cases in the Grodno district, as Bruzgi — a village in the area, says Yuri Istomin. He says: these people fined by thirty or forty base units, previous articles — participation in an unsanctioned rally and — disobeying the lawful demands of the authorities or police.

At present, there were also fined two members of the Joint Civil Party.

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