Why can not take pictures of sleeping?

January 29, 2012 19:02

Photo: liveinternet.ru

Photo: liveinternet.ru

This superstition prevalent in society photographers and ordinary people. Especially cherished by this issue are a lot of young moms, forbidden to photograph their children in their sleep. Where did this superstition, and why can not take pictures of sleeping?

In the XIX century in Europe there was a tradition to photograph dead people as if they are just sleeping. Deceased was dressed in fancy clothes and put on a bed or "seated" on the chair and photographed it. Often you can find photographs of the deceased was shown during an impromptu family tea party "sitting" at the table. That now causes at least puzzling, at the time it was commonplace. Hence the origin of the superstition — initially with closed eyes in the form of sleeping people in the photo imprinted dead. Therefore, in order not to associate the person sleeping with the dead, can not be photographed sleeping.

Apparently, it follows from the aforementioned custom and the next version of why you can not take pictures of sleeping. According to her, photographed sleeping man will not live long. After all, being pictured with his eyes closed, in the image of the dead, he thus, as it attracts a quick death.

The most popular version is that the soul leaves the body of the sleeping person. At this time, the person is completely defenseless, and capture it in a period of "small death" (so long called sleep), this may adversely affect its energy. And just been woken up by the camera's flash people can be frightened by surprise.

Well, if the picture sleeping man fall into the hands unscrupulous man, the evil and jealous, that grief can not be avoided. After long magicians and sorcerers used the image of a person for a variety of magical rituals. With the pictures do it has become much easier — photo captures not only the human form, but also reflects its bioenergetics.

The photo of the person you can find everything: past, present, and future — as well as irreparable damage (damage and bring the evil eye, bewitch, curse). That's why you can not take pictures of sleeping — after pictures sleeping man with a weak bioenergy in this area particularly vulnerable. So if you already have pictures of the sleeping family and friends of people (especially children), delete them, or take care of it in a safe place, not on display.

To believe in the superstition or not — it all of us. Someone comes in this matter to the absurd, removing even the photographs of people blinked during the outbreak. Someone ignores all warnings and upload photos sleeping child on the Internet. Perhaps, it is important to observe the golden mean, are not rushing to extremes, and taking pictures of sleeping, store the images obtained in the family archives. Just in case …

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