There are people who use dark magic, and see themselves as servants of evil spirits, from whom he obtained his power. Such people are called black magicians and witches.

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Witches — it's women who have psychic powers and witchcraft.
In the most famous treatise on demonology "Hammer of Witches", written in 1486 Witches are divided into three categories:
1) those who practice black magic and engaged in all sorts of damage, and will utter curses.
2) those who use their powers to help people. Treatment, healing — is engaged in this class of witches
3) those that use both types of magic, and for different purposes.

According to popular belief the same witch is conventionally divided into two groups, born and "scientists". Born witches appear in families where seven girls born straight, newborn or the mother is a witch, or who — then cursed the child in the womb. There is a belief that witches are born black or black tail strand of hair.

"Scientists" witches get their knowledge from other witches or sell soul to Satan for supernatural powers. Between birth and the "scientific" witch is a small difference. Born to a witch can already eliminate the evil inflicted, "teaching" is not capable of.

Each witch has a certain props, consisting of a glass ball, pomelo and the Book of Shadows. Glass bowl used for "nasylaniya" evil eye and spoilage. Pomelo rubbed magic ointment is a means of transportation. In the Book of Shadows Witches write everything about the practice of witchcraft. Each witch is familiar — it's an assistant. May be familiar rat, owl, black cat, bat. "Boyfriend" is involved in voodoo rituals.

There is a stereotype that the witch is ugly and terrible creature, but it is not so. Witch can be a beautiful, young girl.

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