With the ghosts need to communicate respectfully, because they come to visit us

February 9, 2013 4:09

Not long ago a group of Perm engaged ufology, began to implement a project called "Hunters unknown." Responsible for communication with otherworldly forces in a project is an expert mystic Nicholas Kachur. He told the reporter that can feel the ghosts and how they need to build communication.

— When you have a gift?

Nicholas Kachur: — It is not innate, it is acquired. I came to it through some of his path. If there are — come to this with time. Some try to "escape", in any case — in a bad way or the good, do you have manifested and left. I'm on a "training" took about 12 years. This exercise, and certain spiritual insight.

— Are there different worlds, you see, from the world of the present?

NK: — Imagine that you look at a person and see in it a lot more information than he even knows about himself, before many understood the situation — what will happen, etc. Words are very difficult to describe, it's a particular state. I see these worlds, and the situation, I do not always, it must be included.

— And what about the other world is arranged?

NK: — I will try to describe to you the state of one of the souls, from which I got the information, as they see it. Imagine that you face a glass of water, and you can not drink it. You linked arms and legs, but you can not die of thirst, a desire to pursue you constantly. Residents of one of the worlds most frequently disturb us, if we do not ask, they smell, they feel everything but can not take anything — they have no physics, they are unable to enjoy the charms of our physical world. Often, this is a lesson for them for what they did not appreciate something in their lives, defended false ideals, constantly abused and did not take their lives and the world. And so they try to come to us and talk to us. They are very lonely — there is not happy.

— Different souls are in different worlds?

NK: — Of course, a lot of worlds.

— How do they differ?

NK: — There is neither good nor evil, neither white nor black, no heaven, no hell, no beginning and no end. Nothing. Soul passes some unclimbed lessons, but there is no punishment there is, the concept of sin, either. Other worlds — is bundles of energy and information. And no place. Ghosts — those souls who have the memory of that life. The rest of the soul, they move to other undeveloped worlds, they have no memory, and they begin their lives in new bodies, gaining experience and going through their lessons. Only mature souls can remember it.

— What looks like a ghost? It is a spirit, ethereal shell, what?

NK: — Have you seen him?

— No.

NK: — You'll know when you see it. Such horror and fear you've never experienced. If you ever see him, that is unlikely. You do not just given — I see. The state that you will experience God forbid anyone to experience. But if you suddenly see them only need to negotiate, not fight them. Must be unconditional respect. In any communication has its etiquette, in communion with the spirits must also be its etiquette. Need to communicate with ghosts with respect, to come and visit us, and we to them. Fight and chase does not, as in the movie — it's not. They do not come to all people and do not come for nothing, they always have some information. Not everyone can accept this information. I can not talk with everyone, with only a few number of people. They will understand what I mean.

The placebo effect

NK: — Usually for me to seek advice at the household level. Someone is bothering them, or some anxiety, uncertainty, problems, and often people are just too rich imagination. And if someone has a real problem, of course, even during a telephone conversation. If a person is willing to talk about it, I come and give guidance as to expel the spirit or how to make friends with him, or how to approach emerged in the life situations.

— This is your hobby or you're trying to build a business?

NK: — No, I have my own traditional business. I'm just helping different people. Man, when he faced the such, begins to flounder, to point fingers at myself never looks. It is always easier to find someone to blame for their problems, you sit down and think: "And for what their actions or thoughts you go through this lesson?" But all the reasons just in you. And people begin to run, and money to shake. And refer to different tellers who buy providing them with information and promise to solve all the problems.

— I think for the money in this area is most often the case of fraud.

NK: — No, you are confusing the false fortune tellers. There are real psychics and fortune tellers. If this is their main job, and then reward them better to take the money, they also need to make a living. But you know how it works? First. Fortune-teller told you — tomorrow you something happen. And you got up in the morning — you have 10 tracks. You can get out of bed — you can not get up. You make choices every moment of his life. And the show is only one small way and you deprive yourself this choice. And that lesson will take place again and again. Second — you know their future is not allowed. Third — if you find out that in addition to money, pay something else. You gave money to a man who is a conductor, he is informed by certain forces and pays for it. For you, it just will not work.

People go to fortune-tellers, money to solve your problem. The specialist said that you damage, had a ritual and removed it. But it is a placebo effect. That there seems to be nothing done, but they have to treat. I can not say that they are charlatans, they are people with abilities. They just make people believe that they are cured, and the next morning it becomes easier, as if they were miraculous pill.

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