Woodman met Yeti in the Indian jungle

January 8, 2012 6:03

Photo: Flickr / Express Monorail

Photo: Flickr / Express Monorail

In tropical India started his snowman. But until people are lucky to have frequent meetings with the Mande barungom is called in the local language Yeti.

Forester Deep Marak can not forget how in 2003 three head-faced Mande barungom on overgrown jungle Garo hills in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. At the first meeting the Yeti in the thicket was going to try some fruit, but the appearance of a forester distracted him from the table.

Wild hairy biped and worth in the eyes of Dipu.

"The growth of under three meters, covered with thick black and gray wool Mande barung froze, his hand gripping the branch"

— Quoted Dipu ITAR-TASS. After humanoid creature disappeared into the jungle, the forester began to collect pieces of wool left barungom Mande.

Scientists from the University of Oxford Brookes conducted their investigation, but have not yet come to a definite conclusion. However, they noted the striking similarity of the samples of wool yeti that he found in the Himalayas, the first conqueror of Everest Australian Edmund Hillary.

Forester — not the only one who has met with an unusual creature.

One resident saw Garo hills barunga Mande family, and someone else came across a breeding ground of these mysterious creatures that resembled a hut.

In 2007, in South-East Asia have discovered the skeleton of this creature, which had a growth under three meters and could weigh 550 pounds. The researchers Jen Reeves of the University of Massachusetts even put forward a bold version of that modern Yeti barungi Mande and other snow people — descendants of Gigantopithecus and man. From the first they got great size and vegetation on the body, and the person they borrowed certain business intelligence and skills. This, according to Reeves, and allowed the yeti live up to.

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