Workers prepare the dome-bulbs to set the church on Borisoglebskaya

Despite the ban of the Ministry of Culture for restoration work in Novogrudskaya Boris and Gleb Church, workers are now working in the courtyard of the temple. They decorate a large onion dome, preparing it for the establishment of a Gothic tower. The priest, Father Nicholas Orsa, went to Minsk today.

Today in Navahrudak was a beautiful sunny day. Several workers were busy near the new dome-bulbs, tried on, saw off. Hello to the workers and ask if they know that the order of the Ministry of Culture of the restoration work until terminated?

Mr."Father said that the documents are prepared …"

Workers report that came out of Brest, carry out the work that the father ordered, and most do not want to know anything. Again I ask — or you were trained somewhere restoration?

Mr."Learning never studied, just myself as best I can …"

Reporter"And often you have to carry out such orders for the restoration of temples?"

Mr."No, I work for a little while."

The temple is striking in its antiquity both outside and inside. Before entering under the icon hanging table with the Belarusian inscription, which tells the history of the church. In the church, quiet and cool.

A woman who is obedient to the Church, says not to worry, the temple is well repaired, they say, do everything soundly. I say it may change its historic look … And then the conversation is impossible.

Mrs."Who knows about that you can only say the abbot, I can not …"

The temple stands on the old narrow street, constantly here people walk. I asked the passers-by — as they would react to the appearance on the Gothic church domes-bulblets.

Lord, who lives next to the church"History should be kept, as I understand it. If they ever were, even more will be. You can not change the story, I'm totally against. "

We are joined by another older gentleman, and I ask — will it protect the story?

Cpadar"You see, if the current government can not get involved in someone else's cart. So now they say. "

Young man"I'm not good for this attitude, because everything about our churches, stories, we already have, and so everything has changed and our nationalism and our language. They need to finish only those residues that are left. "

Girl"I only have heard about it. This makes the Russian Orthodox Church, but we do not need this Russian, and so we ate it, that there is nowhere else. "

We are joined by Mrs."I do hope that this does not happen and I am very glad that people have begun to respond to this act of vandalism, as the supply of gold bulbs on Russian Gothic church in the first Belarusian capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania — it is a political matter."

In the courtyard of the Church of Boris and Gleb in Navahrudak already prepared onion dome.


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