Would be enough funds

To start a couple of quotes.

"To the regiment was ready to carry out the tasks needed to carry out a large range of activities: get the personnel of the military recruitment offices, equipment of the national economy, to load ammunition onto trucks. And only a day the regiment was able to accomplish tasks. But time is running out … ".

"Reform, the increased intensity of combat training has sharply aggravated the problem of which was missing, and sometimes frankly a low level of personal professional job training officers. This is not a secret that officers often abbreviated composition and frame in a long time engaged in solving the main domestic problems. "

In fact in the last two years, we have heard something similar many times. Heard from the Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov and commander of the Airborne Troops Shamanov — virtually the only generals who ventured openly to support the "Serdyukovskaya" reforms. Reform, the basis of which — the elimination of units and incomplete structure (amounting to 84 percent of all parts and materials), which sought for a role in combat resupply and mobilization of reservists. The reforms that are demanding the release of officers of business.

Other military leaders prefer to keep mum. In 1-x, since everything that happens in the armed forces deeply sick of their inner conviction as to how it should be conducted army building. In-2, as yet unclear how it will end, and it is better to stay away from obscure reforms.

And now the public, under the camera, the truth about the past state of the Armed Forces President uttered, which graced flashy maneuvers in Mulino, important people in today's army — the commanders of brigades and squadrons. Obviously, I'm not so naive as to imagine that the colonels and Ryazancev Timofeev (probably not the worst of the commanders of the Armed Forces) themselves have invented themselves such that's phrase: "The development of means of warfare has significantly changed the eyes of military control of leading foreign countries to combat acts of the armed forces. And there was clear evidence for the fact that instead of modern wars are coming war fuktsionalnye-selective action with the introduction of tools, developed on the basis of advanced technologies. " Yes, and with a gun pointed at his forehead, before military officers, no one was standing. And we can assume that they read as (at least partially) that reflect the truth. They need, in the end, to clarify for ourselves and others, why they fired two thirds (415 out of 611 in the case of Colonel Ryazantseva) former colleagues.

The fact remains. Despite all the "assault" scandal with the defense minister president, who is also the Supreme Commander, found it necessary to support all strong and very painful changes taking place in the armed forces. Dmitry Anatolyevich said in Mulino still many things by which gladly would sign at least some liberal military Analyst, including (say creepy) the creator of this article.

"He who fails to produce modern technology, that it will not deliver. I appeal to all the directors of our defense companies. Either the normal technique will do, or have contracts with such structures break. "

"We are, of course, go back to the last time the issue of security contractors. With all this we have to realize that how we solve the problem of a contracted, depends ultimately, the question of manning the Armed Forces as well as specifically for them will be based on a significant part of the service obligations under existing staffing organization of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation … I repeat, without the modern, well-paid, socially targeted contractors in the army, the Armed Forces of anything, of course, will not occur. "

So Makar, the government in the face of Medvedev even thinks that the Russian military-industrial complex is not able to create the necessary military production. I suspect that it will take some time, and Russian commanders understand that the Russian military industry, in principle, not be able to create the necessary weapons to the time until it is reformed. At the same time, these reforms will be right back on the follies that have done Vladimir Putin and Sergei Ivanov, reintroducing in the form of "joint corporations," a parody of the Russian military-industrial ministries.

Still more remarkable is that Supreme Commander clearly states that no contract of modern Russian army did not do. I suspect that in a few years, the Kremlin bosses will have to realize that other ways, apart from the creation of the armed forces are not contractual.

And, most importantly, the president assured, contrary to rumors, to January 1, 2012 salaries of servicemen will be increased threefold. Russian army lieutenant will receive 50,000 rubles, which is not less than the South American lieutenant's salary.

Hitch in another. Go with a highly sensible things Dmitry Anatolyevich rattled and a lot of nonsense. For example, the need to have military bases abroad. I suspect that the attempt to make the system of military support Fri abroad will claim only as much money as you want and for the maintenance contract, and for the efficient production of armaments. I also suspect that the main limit of the enemies' Serdyukovskaya "reforms — is an attempt to take away money from the government. Spray them on the stupid maintenance of military bases abroad, the creation of unnecessary tools.

Practically speaking, this is the main hitch military reform. Either reformers have enough spiritual strength and willpower to resist clicks on the ill-fated officers laid off because of the complete failure of the service. Either they peck on appeals to "restore the majestic power of the superpower." Of course, that there are no funds to maintain the similarity of the Russian army there.

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