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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said "ABC News", that the U.S. is "ready" to storm Iran. It depends only on U.S. President Barack Obama. But he will want to or not — the question.

Nobel Peace Prize and the godfather of drones Obama busy "justification theories of Christian philosophers of the" just war "," as figuratively led to Ray McGovern, and assured the "New York Times". She is not a small pleasure raskruchivayuet his essay entitled "Undercover" black list "of the test confirms the principles and desires of Obama."

Of course, that so far no Iranian "black list" is not — except scientists, exhausted nasty killings by the Israeli Mossad and the Iranian terrorist group MEK (Mujahedin-e-Hulk). And there is no evidence — yet — that Obama believes an attack on Iran "just war." On the contrary, the elections Obama could provide a nuclear deal with Iran as a major victory in foreign policy. But — just in case — the Pentagon continues to press.

U enrichment and get into the story

Panetta endlessly pours all composed by the same neo-cons, the Israel lobby and U.S. corporate media an old — at least since 2006 — a heresy that Iran is close to developing a nuclear bomb, for example, … tomorrow. "We will create everything possible to not allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon," — said Panetta. I repeat, not fundamentally, the IAEA — the U.S. watchdog on nuclear issues but plus to it 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have identified that Iran is not going to.

Panetta's actions need to inquire the price, as the Pentagon proactive way undermines the P5 +1 talks on Iran's nuclear program there — to plan the third round of talks should be held in Moscow on June 18. As shown by Gareth Porter, there can be no transactions until such time as Washington insists on a complete rejection of the principles of the Contract the NPT, under which Iran signed (see "Asia Times Online", May 29, 2012). The U.S. position is to never allow Iran to enrich uranium, even for peaceful purposes.

Panetta insists on the fact that in this matter, "the international community one." But this is nonsense. Not only the BRICS group, and all the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement insist on the presence of Iran's rights, as well as any country that has signed the NPT contract, to conduct peaceful nuclear programs from.

And now a look at the position of Iran. The head of Iran's nuclear agency on Iran Fereydoon Abbasi municipal TV, said: "We have no circumstances renounce the production of 20% enriched uranium, as needed for our purposes particularly controversial."

But not only this. In 2013, Iran will start building 2-new nuclear power plants, and its only active nuclear reactor is now close to reaching its full capacity.

According to the Treaty on the Non-State Party to the alternate peaceful nuclear applets potentially can fully take hold and a massive nuclear weapon — is defined as a "nuclear power". Japan, Brazil and Argentina — they all signed a contract on the Non — for example, for decades maintain their "nuclear power." They can throw the contract and make a nuclear bomb within a few months if zahochut. But they do not want it. And Washington — with its Tipo divine mission — piously believe in the fact that Iran is something definitely want.

The point is that in its quest for nuclear technology Iran is not doing anything illegal. First, the talks in Baghdad, he even agreed to a suspension of 20% enriched uranium. But later, Iranian negotiators realized: for the U.S., "reddish line" — the lack of enrichment in general, in this quintessence of their position. In the best case, Iran in return would receive medical isotope supply.

Now, Tehran is not lust to change his position: he will consider the suspension of 20% enrichment if superrigid Western oil embargo, along with a cash war conducted by banking sanctions will be reviewed.

Incidentally, the head of the Central Bank of Iran Mahmoud Bahmani said that Tehran has already introduced an alternative clearing system SWIFT payments, frustrating another area of unceasing economic war, Washington. This means that Iran, BRICS members — Our homeland, India and China, plus the classic Iranian partners in the developing world have taken another step in the fight against the South American dollar as the world reserve currency.

Come on, baby, one more time penalties

Even if the management of Tehran — which is unlikely — suddenly decides to end all uranium enrichment and immediately kill the entire nuclear program from, Iran will still be under the regime of U.S. sanctions. The sanctions generally do not have anything to do with Iran's nuclear program there. It's all about regime change.

Last Friday, the U.S. Congress approved a resolution 401-11 that extends beyond the "deformed" sanctions.

U.S. sanctions should remain indestructible until President Obama will assure a very unpopular Congress (the level of support it 14%) that "Iran has freed all political prisoners and detainees, graduated from the introduction of violence and abuse of Iranian citizens engaged in peaceful political activities; held transparent investigation into the killings and abuse of political activists in Iran and punish those responsible for them, headed for success in establishing independent judiciary. "

And more than that, Obama must prove that "the government of Iran ended support acts of international terrorism and no longer meets the definition of state-sponsor of terrorism, Iran is the chase ended, development and acquisition of nuclear, biological, chemical and ballistic weapons."

In this morass wishful desires and steps chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. On Monday, he told CNN, that "should be considered, and military options." Uups, but it belongs to another war of Growing — in Syria. General Dempsey said that he preferred the impact of "international community" to change the regime in Syria, but — just in case — the Pentagon is ready to intervene. ("Of course, we always have to provide military assets"). A bunch of NATO / GCC holding back a little clique of ecstasy.

So, what's the point is, Barack? So many wars, choose — do not want a time, then re-elections to the day or a little.

About the creator: Pepe Escobar — the creator of the book "Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into watery War" (Nimble Books, 2007.), And "of the Red Zone Blues: a picture of Baghdad during the surge," his brand new book "Obama does Globalistan "(Nimble Books, 2009) has just come out.

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