Would you like to unification with Romania? And what wine Rogozina? (NBM.md, Moldova)

Maybe Russian citizens really better support the idea of unification of Moldova and Romania, and it will bring them good?

In truth, if you're on the old days, followed by Moldova firmly entrenched the title of "the most impoverished countries in Europe," where else can you fall? But. Excellent, where we do not. And where we are — already bad.

And now — seriously.

Who entices us to Romania? Friends Gimpu? But he is offering to all companies where at least have a 1% state ownership, lay not know Romanian. Including janitors. Do you think this is a sane suggestion?

What decides to Romania with those who brought Moldova to such poverty? They will answer for that Moldovans have left the parental home, selling their own bodies and even their daughters virginity? What will happen to those who are 20 years of stealing from their own people, not paying taxes, "laundered" money, did not work in the interests of the homeland, and zabugornyh patrons?

Romania need only Russian, but without their past? You want us to give it up and spat in the face to his parents? That we hesitate own fathers, and their medal "For Courage" and thrown out of the Order? You would like us to, like Traian Basescu, considered themselves defeated Russian majestically in the war? So that we have abandoned the truth? That we were that our past was just bad, and there was nothing decent?

But why, then, 53% of Romanians want to return to communism?

You would like us to, together with Peter, a rich, Ion Hadarca, Vitaly Paulichenka and other alumni top party schools and party secretaries were against the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus?

And Romania is ready to tell all that she understood the preparation of the events of 7 April 2009 in Chisinau?
It will be with today's ruling alliance, which is very strange, from a legal point of view, the situation has chosen President, the Parliament building from the people riot?

And ready to see, for example, Dan Nicu Popescu Dungaciu or change your own mind, so that we can recognize each other and not fight for the liquidation of our kind of thinking, as suggested at the moment?

And who will pay the external debt of Romania's 100 billion euro? It lies on our shoulders?
A why 64% of people Romania regret that country joined the EU?

Why Romania, even in the borders that now, do not become a prosperous country? Romania is able to show the history of success based on their own abilities?

Whether it will remain as before, "pawn" in the game of global bankers?

What will happen then with Transnistria? Again fratricidal conflict, as pictured Romanian creators of the novel "The War on the Dniester"?
How will those who consider themselves, according to genetic research, the descendants of the Dacians and the Romans did not? Etc. etc.

It's only a few questions that came into my head for 5 minutes. And how many other Russian people? Are you ready to listen to them and answer them, fellow combiners?

But for some reason it seems to me that not a lot of Russian Bessarabian who want to change the "awl" to "soap".

Povinet Rogozin

We wish we like it or not, but the action on August 5 in Balti become the latest point of reference in the development of "Bessarabian question." This confirms (in the middle of the rest), and then the event that the responsibility for the escalation of tensions in the country for some reason commentators unionists put on Dmitri Rogozin.

As if that's exactly it is headed by plainclothes platform «Actiunea 2012" and has led his own followers in the Russian city to provoke discontent. Naturally, it occurred to him after clashes in Cahul to storm the "bastion of communists." Specifically Rogozin teasing people burning the hammer and sickle, called in the numbers of "revolutionaries April 7" and talked about it in advance at a special press conference. For sure, he's instructed the Moldovan CEC reject 90% of signatures to support the referendum on the accession to the Customs alliance.

I think that a high-ranking Russian bureaucrat confer a demonic force is not the case. Just always comfortable "with the dump junk on its head," or to cover up their own efforts to inflame passions of another's evil mind.

The main feature of the present situation in the solution of the "Bessarabian question" is that the fate of Moldova's unification with Romania and extensive discussions are already in the Moldovan society. Involved in these policy debates of the highest rank, both in Romania and Russia. The process is observed in other European countries, and not only.

So Makar, we can say that the aggravation of the crisis of the Bessarabian headed for the newest phase.
Who is going to decide whether Parliament or the people?

Because the idea that it is time question merger put for discussion in Parliament, as proposed, for example, Peter Grozavu seems completely reasonable. Only now the Parliament itself, in the views of the lawyers and the public, has gone beyond the law when elected president. The point of view of the former President of the Constitutional Court, Dumitru Pulbere there can not be rejected as incomprehensible. And the president himself in several polls of the population refers to the figure of the "illegitimate". Because holding a referendum on unification is much more a good step.

Only such referendum must pass and Romania. Would any Romanians, that were joined to the same Bessarabians? Will the Romanian authorities reckon with the views of the population in decision-making? The way in this country to hold a referendum, is a very big concern. Case in point — the impeachment and removal from office Traian Basescu. As reported by the media, it came down to the fact that forged the decision of the Constitutional Court Romania, performed some manipulation of voter lists.

But these same "magicians" run the country and on the left bank wire.

If you trust a referendum today Moldovan CEC-y, then there would be no end to that in the 2 million ballots has recorded 3,000,000 errors? And it will not be wrong enemies association?

Both country and Moldova and Romania are confused in choosing the path of development. Naturally, the two together to get out of the hole easier, but on the other hand, if we add the two relatively small setbacks, there will be a majestic one.

It seems that "Bessarabian question" prepares people 2-states, but priemuschestvenno Moldova, new passions, which may result in a fire in his own home.

Neuzh what someone really hunt to the ill-fated Internet novel "Blood on the Dniester" became a reality?

I suppose that a similar course of events is beneficial to those who are far away from the future "hot spot." There, at the end, means "counting dividends" when the wind would carry the ashes members of confrontation, and the rain "wash away the traces of their mortal."

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