Yak-130 has always come from the spin

Yak-130 has always come from the spin
This aircraft is recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment

As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebsk Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. First edition, prepared for these CF, held this year.

Students confirmed that the car is ordinary in the management and operation, and its just a master. «Experts have tried and made the plane» learning party «- while student does not meet the sequence of actions required annotation or control of the flight manual, the upcoming piloting his plane does not allow itself gives a clue to the acts required to perform all maneuvers — said Air Force Commander RF Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev at Airshow «MAKS-2013» in Zhukovsky near Moscow. — In the air, the plane is very light, forgives a lot of mistakes. This is not what was earlier when we were cadets. Then, God forbid, lost speed — immediately fell into a tailspin from which it is very difficult to bring the plane. «

A completely different situation with the Yak-130. Car, on the contrary, it is very difficult to enter into a tailspin. But even if for some reason it got pretty easy to let go of the handlebars and a new TCB without the help of others coming out of the corkscrew, and continues to further benign piloting. This event prompted the management to make the Air Force aerobatic team based on the Yak-130.

Aerobatic option

Chief designer of the Yak-130, the company’s Director of Engineering Center «Irkut» Konstantin Popovich said that the management of the Air Force is negotiating the use of machines for this purpose, previously built at the Nizhny Novgorod Aviation Plant (NAE) «Falcon». He recalled that among the exploited Borisoglebsk TCB released 11 NAZ «Sokol», which originally was planned, their serial production. Then shifted to the creation of the Irkutsk aircraft factory. Under a contract with the Defense Ministry company «Irkut» must build 62 new TCB for Russian students. In the totality of the Nizhny Novgorod machines in their school will be in the general difficulties 72.

In connection with the plans of the Air Force about the increased recruitment of cadets dozakupke negotiations on the Yak-130, because the issue of the creation of TCB «Irkut» resolved until 2015. «It’s the planes were made on the preparatory conclusion Ministry of Defense, because they have specific features of the software and design» — saw Popovich. Specialists offer these specifically Yak-130 used in some refinement for aerobatic team.

The decision by the Air Force aerobatic group from expected in 2014. But without waiting for him, spices already are working on the tuning of aircraft. Namely, for aerobatic team of the Yak-130 is equipped with a smoke generator. Apart from that presented to the aircraft «requirement on the stretch» and operating on international routes as Air Force aerobatic team planning role on the Yak-130 and in international airshows. «It is necessary to equip the aircraft with additional equipment — radio, transponder, remove unnecessary equipment in the pilot version to facilitate aircraft. In addition, there is a pull on the basis of that belief aerobatic features using the overall system management. But the big question is — no hunting razunitsifitsirovat planes software «- says chief designer.

For growth radius haul aircraft will be equipped with extra fuel tanks. «Now we have radii of 2100 km haul, requested at least 2600, and it is better to provide 2800. 2,800 km Well we not afford, but can be achieved in 2600», — said Konstantin Popovich.

Light combat

Another possibility — the creation based on the Yak-130 light combat aircraft with the installation easy booking and respective equipment.

«The possibility of installation of optical-radar station with the option to increase capacity of the aircraft managed application tools. The system makes it quite easy to modify the plane — said Popovic. — Installation of the radar in the bow — it’s more languid and great refinement, which is in the development stage. In the case of a decision on finalizing the aircraft in light combat aircraft this idea will be implemented. » According to open sources, the Yak-130 can be installed on-board radar (radar) «Bars-130.» «Naturally, there are works on build those weapons which currently adopted in the Armed Forces,» — he added.

In light combat version of the Yak-130, in addition, the system will be installed radio-electronic warfare (EW) and sighting system. Also the car will change to allow easy booking. In the plane can be brought in-flight refueling system.

The upgrading of the Yak-130 is discussed in the current time with the Air Force determined the required technical properties and funding.

Agreements enough

But not only the Russian Air Force realized all the advantages of the new CF / SS. «On all sides are requests from abroad, conducted extensive work on the satisfaction of these requests», — informed Popovich. Intrigued show in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the CIS countries. Namely, very pleased with the newfound Algeria 16 Yak-130 machines. This government was the first operator of the new Russian zabugornye CF / SS intrigued and gives them an additional amount. «Algeria, probably by acquiring a certain amount of the Yak-130, since at the moment is saturated operation of our aircraft in the country», — said the representative of «Irkut».

Last negotiations with Bangladesh. Expected even with the signing of this state at the MAKS-2013. «It was getting close to the final stage. But the situation in Bangladesh is determined by economic and political considerations. If the situation there will be measured, we get this contract, «- says Popovich. Meanwhile, in March during the salon LIMA 2013 in Malaysia, Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Viktor Komardin said: «Bangladesh wants to buy 24 combat training aircraft Yak-130. Negotiations on this Fri will begin this spring. Performer agreement with Bangladesh on the Yak-130 is the company «Irkut».

In addition, Our homeland has signed an agreement with Syria cost 550 million dollars for the supply of 36 aircraft of this type, but the deal has not yet entered into force and the machine there is not supplied.

Yak-130 has always come from the spin

Shipping to Algeria from Irkutsk first batch trainer aircraft Yak-130. Photo: press service of «Irkut».

Unfortunately, almost all determines the political situation in the world markets for our classic Russian military use several products «collapse.» For example, a failed agreement with Syria, where political action halted traffic on the contract. Earlier in Libya such as the contract has been stopped for the same reasons.

Together with that lasts implementation agreement with Belarus. Due to financial constraints, performance of the contract is a leisurely pace with the supply of Belarusian Air Force aircraft three times a year.

Air Show «MAKS-2013» flight on the Yak-130 is running a test pilot Roman Taskaeva made deputy commander of the Ukrainian Air Force. At the moment, with the Ukrainian party negotiations on the likely supply, which resulted in a contract can be signed in 2014-2015.

About 10 more of Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America are interested in purchasing the Yak-130.

In short, the Irkutsk aircraft factory full order and under loading program from production, and for the prospect of supply over the limit.

Ultramodern interior

This year, the International Air Show in Le Bourget, Russian Yak-130 was recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment. For this plane enterprises concern «Radio-electronic technology» (KRET) are designed, manufactured and integrated into a single complex digital avionics (OEE) advanced navigation system, aerobatic and military avionics. New built-in digital avionics allows the Yak-130 mimic information-control field cabin, flight characteristics and combat systems use the latest fighter fourth and fifth generations.

Complex avionics, made the experimental design bureau «Electroavtomatika», has an open architecture that simplifies modification due to the installation of new equipment and the introduction of additional software and modules. Unlike trainer aircraft of earlier generations of Yak-130 is not part of the avionics in electromechanical devices. It introduces the concept of the so-called glass cockpit, which allows to simulate the information management field booths combat aircraft of different types. This complex consists of — functional panels and all-encompassing management system, mental and LCD indicators collimator.

One hundred percent digital encompassing wire control system, made by the Metropolitan Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics makes functions of automatic control systems and ensure flight safety. Provided by a system programming mode allows you to modify the dynamic properties and aerobatic Yak-130 to simulate the flight actually at least some features of modern combat aircraft. Onboard system simulation modes of combat deployment, built with a complex management tool MSA-130, developed by the Kursk now KRET «Aviaavtomatika» allows for training pilots eliminate the need for real bombs and missiles, while keeping all this realistic display events combat mission.

In Kursk, also made emergency operating system for collecting and recording the flight of information. Installed on board the Yak-130 control system equipment obschesamoletnym EMS-130, which is designed and made in the incoming KRET Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau is responsible for collecting and displaying the status of all disk imaging systems avionics, sensors and actuators of the aircraft.

During the «MAKS 2013» Yak-130 with tail number 02 appeared to the public in the historic red and white coloring, which were performed in the first planes famous designer Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev.

Yak-130 has always come from the spin

UBS Yak-130

Source: Marina Lisceva / fotografersha.livejournal.com

According to experts, who is now in service with the Russian Air Force double jet combat training aircraft of the latest generation of Yak-130 not only provides training and combat training of flight crews, and can be used in normal and adverse weather conditions for air and ground targets. According to its flight and maneuver the plane features close to that of modern fighters in the subsonic range of speeds that can solve the puzzle of training pilots for aircraft generation «4 +» and fifth. In addition, the Yak-130 is simple to the terms and deployment methods, namely, land on unprepared sites.

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