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Sergei favorite newspaper also reads from right to left.

From St. Petersburg Sergei Winch has a unique gift to speak, read, and even sing backwards

My mother was in shock

26 years ago in St. Petersburg usual family baby boy Sergei. Grew and developed it, no different from their peers — a restless and happy child. No weirdness of his son Sergei's mother Rimma Lebedkova did not notice. As long as the son is not talking.

— When he was 3 years old and he began to talk quite sensibly, son struck me. One uses the street home, all disheveled, and the threshold blurts out: "Mom, you know what koneber?" Of course, I said she did not know asked me to explain.

"Koneber — it is a child, just the opposite," — cried Sergei. After this speech was followed by many others, until my mother realized that her son does not learn these abracadabra, and uses them as a second language.

— First, I checked it with the children's books — continues Rima Feodorovna. — I'll read it to him with a word, and he told me there and then outputs it "inside out". Then he took some abstruse encyclopedia and read through it with such words, the existence of which even she did not know. But he flipped them with such ease, as if flipping sunflower seeds. To be honest, I remained some time just in a shock. I was terrified that my child is not a fine.

My friends call me Yegres

Like any mother, wishing good to the child, Rima F. repeatedly shown Sergei various specialists, but they only bred hands: do not know, they say, where the child has such abilities. And after a while, I shall reach my mid-morning snack, Serge thoughtfully told my mother: "Yavad medyop sachyes meyalugop" ("Come on now let's go for a walk"). Since Sergei's ability to have moved to another level. Now he was fluent not only individual words but whole sentences, expressions, texts.

— When I went to school, I immediately got in-class special status, even authority — laughing Sergey winch. — So my mother decided if my gift does not bother me, then fight it to anything.

A reputation among fellow students Sergey won a very interesting way. Young hooligans proznav of unusual abilities friend asked him to "flip" the indecent expressions. And then these same expressions, but in a totally unrecognizable form, responding to literature classes. When the teacher did puzzled face, the class burst into laughter.

— I've long since graduated from the school, but since those times to me "stick" Yegres name — told reporters "KP" Sergei. — That's my name, only backwards. Sometimes when I'm in the conversation suddenly turn on their gibberish, stop me, '"To which I reply:" And I say this in Russian. Just this Russian a little bit different. "

Girl pecked

Sergei long time trying to track down the people or even one person that could talk to his "gibberish", which would not be surprised to hear: "Tevirp!", And would have answered, for example: "The Gift of echertsv!" But as long as these meet people he did not succeed.

— Over time, I began to wonder — where is mine? But the answer to this question can not. How can an ordinary person to say, as he breathes.

But then the question was followed the next one — if it is given, then it is for something you need? So it can be applied anywhere, except for the entertainment of his friends?

— Truly my gift to help me only once, — says Sergey. — Several years ago I worked in a restaurant bartender. And in the same working girl Olya, which I really liked. But we were in different shifts, and all of our communication was to the order to pass each other some papers cashier. More than five minutes for six months, we never talked. One day I did not have time to hand over your shift, somewhere in a hurry and decided to leave a note. But so worried that I myself did not notice that all written backwards. And forgot about it. Olga was not only beautiful, but also very quick-witted girl. She studied for a long time my "code" until it finally dawned on me how it should be read. She thought it was such an original way I decided to get to know her better. For several years, Olga for me is very near and dear to people.

He is a born showman

In addition to speaking backwards, Sergey has many more talents. He writes poetry, sings well and even wants to record your own CD. Here are just a means for it yet.

— I finished school at the Music Hall, and is now studying at the institute of arts and crafts, I want at all costs to become an artist, — says Sergey. — I've been thinking, where their skills can be applied, and came to the conclusion that only in show business.

As for the famous TV show, Sergei has already managed to get on the program "Big Wash" (on "I can do what others can not"). About it also showed the plot of "Time". And this summer, Sergei went on a meeting of the X-men, which is suited to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Moscow.

— I was invited there as a guest, and for that I am very grateful to favorite newspaper — says Sergey. — There I met with these people! That no representative is unique. There, I tried to find out about my psychic gift. Then I heard a new expression: "Ephemeral ability of the brain." Just kind of a mystery.

So far, no doctors, no psychics, no he Sergei winches do not know — what the gift was given to man, and how it can be used. It is only known that a second person yet, but it is a direct path to the Guinness Book of Records. In the meantime, Sergey only dream of worldwide fame and getting ready to become a real showman: in order to sing, talk, and fun "gibberish" to entertain people.

Natalia Vereshchak.
Photo by the author.

Vereshchak Natalia December 10, 2004

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