Yuri Voronezhtsev trying through the courts to return the selected property


May 18 in the apartment of Mr. Voronezhtseva, like dozens of other activists of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" in all regions of the country, has been committed searched. The reason for the mass searches in the offices and apartments of activists of the campaign was the decision of Leninsky district police investigation Victoria Yukhnevich under Article 250 of the Criminal Code — spreading false information about products and services.

Upon withdrawal of the police of personal property and money that have no relation to the said criminal case, Yuri Voronezhtsev appealed to the Prosecutor General and directly to the Leninsky district police department, where it was a criminal case.

The police chief said the Leninsky district Voronezhtseva that his complaint is attached to the case file, and from the General Prosecutor's no answer to still.

According Voronezhtseva, during a search of the Gomel investigator and the investigator did not know and could not even explain to him, in which articles are conducted criminal investigations. Things out of the apartment they were taken to their opinion, contrary to paragraph 13 of Article 210 of the Criminal Procedure Code Republic of Belarus. As a result of the apartment activist took more than fifty titles of private belongings and money belonging to the family, including son with a disability from childhood and underage daughter.


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