Yuzhnouraltsev the bait caught fish with human teeth

July 10, 2012 21:41

Unusual catch fisherman recently caught from Kusy. From the local pond man pulled a small fish with a blunt snout and eyed "human" teeth!

Going on a fishing trip, Alexander Subrif had no idea what awaited him prey. He threw his net again, threw the second … and brought him a wave of … Wait, it's in Pushkin? Our hero was with a fishing rod!

In short, suddenly began to move the float, the man pulled out a one stroke catch from the water — and was stunned. Fish was not gold, but … so … strange … With a dull eyed face and strong jaw.

Alexander practiced movement tried to take the catch off the hook, but the extraction pulled away and slammed closed my jaw on the hand men. Finger immediately swelled up and became ill.

"At first, even thought it took to hand, and she grabbed my finger, right up to the blood! Two hours hurt "- says the fisherman.

Bitten fisherman threw monster ashore and dared to look again at the miracle-Judaic-fish only half an hour. Seen much struck South Urals.

"She's got teeth like a crocodile's, sharp-pointed. Teeth — blade. And, similar to human. I do not know where it came from. We in the Urals, like, this is not usual. Maybe someone brought? Joke but decided to let the lake "- is perplexed fisherman.

We showed the video familiar fishermen and asked that it might be a "beast" is. Someone suggested that it was a piranha. Possible. That's just how she in our latitudes come from?

Someone remembered that a few years ago in the Ukraine also pulled from the Dnieper similar predator. Then catch scared of the locals, and they have long refused to bathe in the river. And last spring, piranha, which weighs three pounds, caught in Rostov-on-Don.

That remains to puzzle what the fish are coming from such exotic livestock come from our region. Alexander Subrif has not yet decided what to do with the caught predator: either fry, or the so … And throw kusintsy meanwhile pulled to the lake with fishing poles, hoping to catch a similar instance.

Victoria Voinova

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