10 years as Zawadzki disappeared. 10 minutes of silence


Today, reporters friends Belarusian Association of Journalists in their editions at 12 lit candles at the portrait of Zavadsky and silent for 10 minutes — for each year of the disappearance of colleague and friend.

Journalists are encouraged to support the campaign "It's a shame to forget" and to express their solidarity with the family of Dmitry Zavadsky.

10 years July 7 mysteriously disappeared operator ORT, a Belarusian citizen Dmitry Zawadzki.

On that day, Dmitry on the car went out of the house to the National airport to meet Pavel Sheremet. At the airport later found the car Zavadsky with erased fingerprints.

The investigation admitted involvement in the kidnapping of former President operator members so-called "Ihnatovich group" — former special forces unit "Almaz". Their wines has been recognized only in the kidnapping of the operator. Who and what is stolen and may have killed Zavadsky to still unknown.

The Head of State has repeatedly stated that in the case of Dmitry Zavadsky always find the perpetrators. Last year, in an interview with "Today" Alexander Lukashenko said that Dmitry was killed and it was the site of one of the security officers.

But it was proved in court: Ignatovitch and Zawadzki did not know each other. If Ihnatovich detained in Chechnya, the story about him, which said that the fighters are fighting on the side of the representatives of the Belarusian secret services, the company pointed to NTV. Therefore, the motive of revenge operator Russian Public Television in Ihnatovich was not.

For 10 years the society has not learned the fate of Zavadsky.



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