39-year-old man is dead, is not questioned by doctors

39-year-old engineer Alexei Mischenkov died a few days at "Chapaevka" in Odintsovo district, of a broken artery and internal bleeding

The shocking case in the suburbs. 39-year-old man died of a broken artery after he thrice refused medical assistance. Victim of a rare vascular pathology first he went to the hospital, then, when he could not walk, call an ambulance. But the doctors did not want to even examine the patient to find out what was wrong. The doctors explained their failure to act, and what about this thought the investigators?

39-year-old engineer Alexei Mischenkov died a few days at the station "Chapaevka" in Odintsovo district, of a broken artery and internal bleeding. But no help from local physicians or doctors to "first", he did not wait. Neither the hospital nor the appropriate treatment or correct diagnosis. The first attempt to call a "fast", after the onset of acute pain in the chest, and another 28 March, was unsuccessful.
— His car was taken to the Kubinka. Say, you have a healthy heart, has expressed — and what have you come here, it is a military hospital.
It seems that even then Mishchenkova had urgently put in intensive care, but he did not even hospitalized, two tablets under the tongue, and — walk, you probably salt deposits. The next day, Alexis paralyzed left side, completely hand turned blue, he began to choke. Caused a "fast", but doctors from Kubinka lamentable of the patient is not impressed.
— Says you intercostal neuralgia. Take people to the hospital we were not even invited!
"When we were there it was a normal pressure, pulse rate — normal. Well, there was a visual ", — says Galina Alentsev, chief medical Odintsovo ambulance station.
Alexis still be saved. On the third day he could barely get up and speak. In this state, a taxi ride to the St. Nicholas hospital was severely tortured. But the patient's neurologist blue primarily scolded.
— Said, what do you come here, go to your hospital and registered, and go take a picture of the spine!
Dying actually kicked out of office. Chief Doctor of the hospital is now trying to explain that the doctor did everything right, and the responsibility for the life of the patient does not recognize.
"It is suspected thoracic osteochondrosis because the patient complained of pain in the thoracic spine, and sent it with an entry in the map on the X-ray. In the X-ray room the patient is not reached, did not return the card and what happened next, we can not say anything ", — said the head physician of the district hospital № 3 Nina Teterina.
Because further Mischenkov died — rode in the same taxi home and died. Only managed to call his wife and croak a single word — "fast". Arrived, she in an hour, but the doctors explained that such young always die suddenly.
— This rarely happens, but it's kind of vascular pathology. And it usually does, no one can even imagine.
With striking unanimity now all employees of all health facilities, with the participation of the young man whose gone to the other world, claim that they could not do anything. But the investigative committee think differently and prepare material to attract doctors to criminal liability.
"Make an appointment for a forensic medical examination and established the exact cause of death and the existence of a causal connection between the death of the citizen and the facts of lack of medical care different vrachami.00.03.09 The results of the verification activities will be taken in line with the procedural decision", — said Senior Assistant Chief Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region, Irina Gumennaya.
But whatever the findings of investigators, expert opinions and judgments of judges life 39-year-old Alexis Mishchenkova return no longer able to anybody.

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