A resident of the Samara region found the legendary Atlantis

November 7, 2012 0:28

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Samarets Anatoly Gulkov was in the expedition on board the research vessel "Vityaz", who took part in the search for the lost Atlantis. According to the researcher's expedition was able to track down the mysterious continent.
Samara, November 6 — AIF Samara. Seventh mythical continent of Atlantis where just not looking at the time! And in Africa, and the Americas, and even Antarctica! But only at the end of XX century, the range searching by various studies oceanographers and paleontologists many countries narrowed to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And the most curious discovery made by Soviet scientists.
— Studies of sediments in the northern part of the Kara Sea, which gets a modern Gulf Stream in the Atlantic have shown that in the old days it did not get over until the end of its current "stations" — said Gulko. — When was the extension of his ways? Investigations in the Kara Sea sufficient material for the conclusions were not given. And to find the answer to our scientists helped Swedish oceanographers. They took soil samples from the Canary Islands and Brazil, which have shown that a huge hot stream turned over at the end of the Ice Age.

 That is 10-14 thousand years ago, the Gulf Stream suddenly, for no apparent reason, broke through to the north. Comparison of all the great events in the world at that time — melting glaciers, rising sea levels on the one hundred and fifty meters, the death of mammoths, powerful volcanic eruptions — has led scientists to a more precise figure: 11,800 BC.
Great-grandmother drowned
But let me, because it was during this period the Greek scholar Plato stands as the destruction of the great Atlantis! Although not yet found even one artifact confirming the existence of the seventh continent and the global catastrophe itself, there are plenty of circumstantial evidence of the existence of Atlantis. The most impressive and colorful — a legend of the world. In almost all the epics and legends — from the Maya and Egyptians to the Celts and drevnegermantsev — there is mention of the Deluge.
Does this mean that Atlantis was located on a Gulf Stream current in the Canary Islands, and after an unknown world cataclysm grandmother civilization sank into the depths of the ocean to make room mighty stream? Most likely, this is what happened. Small moved to Europe for his warmed numerous volcanic eruptions, which just as active not only on land, but under water. In Europe, the ice began to melt, people began to settle in quickly once the cold huge area. Since the death of one of civilization gave another point of reference, our, European.
Eurotrip acne
Proponents of the idea of the existence of the seventh continent is the Atlantic lead another argument in its favor — the migration of eels. Fry these serpentine fish appear in the Sargasso Sea and lived there for two years. Then the Gulf Stream carries "youth" to the shores of Europe. Trip takes about a year. Fish males remain in the sea, and the ladies swim in European rivers, where they spent two years. Then they meet again with males. And start a prenuptial trip. A "marriage" is in the Sargasso Sea, at home. Why acne go to "Eurotrip"? After all, there are a number South America — the mainland, where the rivers are also quite fresh. Biologists are still at an impasse. But they know the answer atlantologists: fish only make it easier to move "downstream" and not against. And its biotsikl they have successfully implemented in Atlantis.
And disaster struck. Gulfstream rushed north. A genetic memory fishes of warm seas, embodying knowledge about the "near water," Saved! So shoals of fish for thousands of years are sent to the lost Atlantis, and not having it on its way, moving on to Europe.
What caused the extinction of the whole continent — the fall of the meteorite, the experiments with time and space scientists of Atlantis, or just reckless activities that led to an environmental disaster, is unclear. While modern scholars are inclined to attack Earth space objects. Although it is possible that one day, along with the Atlantis, there is evidence that this civilization has destroyed itself.
Where else is looking for Atlantis
Directly for the Strait of Gibraltar, off the coast of Spain, Morocco today. It is a variant of Plato himself.
Black Sea. In the XI century BC. a catastrophic sea level rise this. Flooding of large areas of the northern Black Sea region and resettlement of the people from this part of the world could give rise to the spread of this region to Europe and Asia, a variety of cultural and technological innovation.
The island of Crete in the Mediterranean. Existed in Crete and neighboring islands ancient Minoan civilization really went into decline after the eruption and explosion on the island Strong in XVII century BC.
In place of the current British Isles and Ireland.
In the region of the Azores — it was a surface part of Mid-Atlantic Ridge. A large area of the island at that time due to either a lower level of the oceans, or the aftermath of the earthquake, or a combination of factors.
Altiplano plateau in South America. Presence of geological formations on the plateau may be the result of human activity and adequate description of the capital of Atlantis.
In what is now Romania. Romanian scientists say the appropriate size and location Nizhnedunayskoy plain description of the central plain of Atlantis.
In place of the current Antarctic. Mainland was shifted to the South Pole by lithospheric shear. And before that it was closer to the equator and was covered in ice.

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