A surprising number: doctors against vaccination

A surprising number: doctors against vaccinationEvidence of efficacy vaccine does not exist! But it became known a lot of harm to children and adults vaccinations. It is clear that it is not in the care of health, and, on the contrary, in the care of diseases …

Some time ago we published an article author, documentary investigates the myth that vaccines have saved millions of lives and helped humanity escape from the devastating infectious diseases. For the first days after the publication of the article had read more than a thousand people, and it is only the direct link, not counting reprints on other sites. In the complete absence of any of our advertising was organized, still young, the site, such a result could not have been a surprise. But it turns out, of all the topics discussed on countless female-parent-parent forums, theme shots, perhaps the most "hot". Most statements, most rudeness, most of the contrast between those who are "for" and those who are "against."

If you read these discussions as the epistolary novel, that is, a novel in the correspondence, where the characters are revealed "through the word" through the replica through the text, the picture is even somehow depressingly clear: opponents of vaccination operate facts, references, evidence of the first-person while demonstrating competence and the general culture of communication. The middle category of "undecided, but anxious and willing to understand" — also behave decently, but sometimes breaks down, yielding to the excessive rudeness provocative militants vaccinations. The supporters — alas! — Full aggressively expressed by "truths" are not confirmed anything, but emotions against those who are against it, or links to resources is certainly interested in the vaccination of the parties (such as: manufacturers of vaccines, conventional medicine and, of course, infinitely sincere domestic statistics and less friendly to the authorities).

Do not disdain these "champions of truth" and even curses against opponents. Like, well, let your unvaccinated child dies from a disease … Here then come and welcome to our friendly forum, talk … So somehow. Interestingly, the opponents of vaccination prevents intellectuals reject prejudice and behave similarly with respect to the ideological opponents? But something is definitely the way. Think about. Maybe position on this issue (as in many other areas covered on our website) is only a miniature representation of a person's world, in general? While, however, this is still an excessive generalization, but, somehow, the trend is obvious. References to specific forums omitted. Go to the couple, enjoy a typical plot and repeatable scenario moves. Forums are still some public voice … and comments to the previous article on our site not an exception …

Now, briefly to to point to the main documentaries. What is often accused opponents of vaccination in online discussions? In inconclusive, incompetence … "You think like that, because not a damn thing to think, and the formation of the profile you do not have … And about specific examples, for sure, you're lying … But we do know something, after all, a bunch of years been weaned, read a cloud of books … "Or:" Here we responsibly district pediatrician said to impart the full program! Perfectly safe and very necessary! "And on the forums occasionally arise questions like," and your district or any other doctor, lobbying for vaccinations, planted (a) their children? "- Answers revealing little, but available — very eloquent.

Perhaps, you are interested in the question whether their children are vaccinated, those who in any way advocating for your vaccination?

Take, for "servants of the people": it is published their annual declaration of income, they say, the deputy Marmyshkin earned in both, and the main skeet Svinopulenko more and worst than that. And civilian clothes, and people for their servants happily! But the question of vaccination is no less acute than the issue of banknotes. (Moreover, the effects of vaccination and currency rarely help …). So let it be, and this information is available to the public, saying that Marmyshkiny offspring over the past year have been vaccinated so, tem-to, there is something, and it was then, and small Svinopulenki are not far behind, mathematical way particles ! Well, now let's leave family castles in the air and settled on the western firm ground. Zapadopoklonnichestva not in the name, but merely because of the presence of such information, which, certainly, is a sin not to share.

So, look at these people: dignified, distinguished, educated … and with regalia and post … and it is in those areas where people are better than us mere mortals can in this vaccination maze to find out because it is in their neighborhoods vaccination history and create. So what about the past vaccinations they know what the textbooks our doctors do not read it. Look into the faces and read the text of the words:

"Knowing what I know now, I would not vaccinate their children, risking their risk of developing diabetes, asthma, eczema, and a predisposition to develop meningitis and, in the end, to remain disabled for life …" (D Dr Jane Donegan, Media Bureau, Bachelor of Surgery, Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, England).

"The greatest threat of childhood diseases is dangerous and ineffective efforts to prevent them through mass immunization. There is no scientific evidence that vaccines have helped get rid of some childhood diseases … "(Robert Mendelsohn, MD).

"Every next day, when health officials lie to people about the safety of grafting — this is a day when people are increasingly losing confidence in the fact that he says the government … It is known that the vaccine MMR (measles, rubella, mumps) can lead to inflammation brain and death within 8-14 days after vaccination … More and more parents out of the shadows, in a loud voice to indicate what happened to their children in the hands of pediatricians who claimed that vaccines, including MMR, are safe … " (Barbara Loe Fisher, "The National Vaccine Information Center", USA).

"Dr. Thomas Francis did not mention (in the report) that, in his assessment of the key experiments Salk in 1954, those who contracted polio as a result of the first vaccination until the second vaccination, the statistics were presented as" vaccinated "…" ( Beddou M. Bailey, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Physicians of Licensee, London).

"I have no doubt that the immunodeficiency virus appeared in the United States among gay men in the experiment with the hepatitis B vaccine, which ran between 1978 and 1981. My research has clearly confirmed that the explosion of AIDS cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco soon after the experiment was a result of it. It is not surprising that the government was not willing to publish data on the number of AIDS deaths that occurred in a large group of gay men who voluntarily agreed to participate in the vaccine experiment … "(Alan Cantwell, MD).

Warning of possible comments about the fact that gay men and children — a completely different topic, and the first beginning at risk because of their sexual orientation: this is not important in the testimony of Dr. Cantwell. Here, just as in the testimony of Dr. Bailey of the famous polio vaccine (see above), we once again have a reminder of that testing of vaccines used in children, and may take place, but that the specific conditions of these tests and their results often fabricated, or simply hide from people. Is no guarantee that your child does not participate in the next "experiment", you can not give one.

"Up to 90% decline in child deaths from whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria and measles to the period between 1860 and 1965 years, that is, until they became administered vaccinations and antibiotics …" (Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, Bachelor Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Doctor Farmakalogii, Australia).

This quote has been used in a previous article, but there are things that can and should be repeated indefinitely. Such as a declaration of love. In this case — to the children.

"A single vaccine made newborn weighing just under three pounds, equivalent to thirty vaccines made in a day for an adult weighing just over 80 pounds …" (Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry Press, University of Kentucky ).

"There is no evidence that any of the current influenza vaccine can effectively prevent or mitigate an attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that their product is useless, but still continue to sell … "(Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Officer for the Control of Vaccine and a research virologist, the Food and Drug Administration, USA).

"There is a huge mass of evidence that vaccination of children does more harm than good …" (He).

"I have now stopped dig further evidence that vaccines cause autism. Evidence already a huge amount of controversy … on this subject are in the area of science, but to the field of politics … "(David Ayoub, MD).

"Many viral illnesses were cured and still can be cured right intake of vitamin C. Yes, the vaccinations of these treatable infectious diseases — there is absolutely no need, if there is access to adequate treatment with vitamin C. In fact, all of the side effects of vaccinations … also completely unnecessary, since these shots and do not have to do, if you can use vitamin C in the required doses … "(Thomas J. Levy, MD, JD).

Do not rush to smile indulgently idea of "simple askorbinki" as a panacea for all childhood diseases. Many of the things that really work, are not widely known. How do you think, why? Could it be that what does not help, but on the contrary, brings to some people more money? By the way, how much vitamin C is today? And how much vaccine? Here's a cry from the heart of our next hero:

"The total amount of vaccine sales in 2009 amounted to $ 20 billion. In your opinion, how far these people can go to save my attachments? Parents, beware. Industry vaccinations Who Becomes the greatest conflict of interest in the history of the planet … "

And here's another, from the same doctors, with a capital letter:

"The greatest lie ever been told — is that vaccines are safe and effective …" (Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz).

And the last picture for today. This is a poster of the American organization "The truth about vaccines." They are committed to make people understand this very truth, and try to help specific problems that people face in the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. There is a free telephone hotline. Anyone hit by the shots anywhere in the country can call and share information. That is, in addition, they collect a database of human tragedies that occurred because of vaccinations. The text of these charming kids on the poster is:

"Love them. Protect them. Never stick a needle in them. Vaccine safety does not happen! Reaction to the venom vaccine include: chronic ear infections, attention deficit disorder, allergies, asthma, autism, death, diabetes, meningitis, polio, seizures, shaken baby syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome … "

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