About 8% of Khimki oak forest was cut down by a highway — expert

More than a thousand trees, representing about 8% of Khimki oak, will cut a highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg, said Tuesday the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Forest Geobotany Forest Science Alexander Maslov.

"As shown poderevny recount stand in the area under the freeway drainage area of 2.8 hectares, has 1,305 trees, of which 1012 — live … Oak dominates the drainage area on the number of live trees — to 315, accounting for 31%, followed by Birch is 23% — the third rowan — 16%, "- said Maslov, speaking at a meeting of the committee on public environmental control in state-owned" Highways ".

In this case, as shown by assessment of oak by the Institute of Forestry, Red or plants in the removal of a highway, or in the most plain of not. However, scientists believe that the grove of great value.

"I find it surprising that none of the 1980's, nor currently Khimki oak forest was not included in the number of protected areas, which is an indirect cause of the route passing through its territory. Plot is very valuable and interesting. Fortunately, passage of a line project affects only a small corner of the grove, without affecting the central part of the main amount of old-growth oak trees, "- said the scientist.

In his view, the impact of future road will be limited in the remaining section of oak is not more than 50 meters from the road. He noted that this is a value judgment, because the issue has not been studied by scientists.

Meanwhile, in the GC "Highways" failed to recall dates of the start of Khimki oak forest, noting that this issue will be considered at the next board meeting of state companies.

Forest Science Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences began a survey Khimki oak forest in July 2011 at the request of "North-West Concession Company" (NWCC), which is responsible for the construction of high-speed head portion highway through Khimki forest from the 15th to the 58th kilometer. One of the shareholders NWCC is a French company Vinci, kontsendentom being built for the state company "Russian Roads" (GC "Highways"). According to the Institute, published in November 2011, cutting clearances under the fast lane in the plain of the Khimki forest does not affect most of the old oaks and red-plants.

The project to build a highway through the Khimki forest, which was approved initially, caused protests of environmentalists and the public. As a result, in August 2010, the President ordered the Russian government to suspend the construction and hold additional public and expert discussions on the draft. Environmentalists argued that cutting clearances under a line of destroying all of the Khimki forest, but experts have again endorsed originally approved project. The authorities, in turn, promised to fully compensate for environmental damage caused by deforestation.

The length of the future toll highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the "M-10-S" is about 650 kilometers. The width of the roadway, according to the project, will be ten bands on the outskirts of Moscow, eight bands — in Leningrad and Moscow regions, and six bands — in the Tver and Novgorod regions.

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