Activists of the Tell the Truth marked the anniversary of the recognition of the power of Mogilev BNR


Today, fifty activists of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" came to the Soviet area to the regional museum to commemorate the event, which took place July 12, 1918. According to historians Mogilev, 92 years ago in the former building of the District Court 400 members of the public have recognized the supremacy of the Mogilev Belarusian authorities of the People's Republic in the city. That historic meeting decided to form a national committee of Mogilev. The Committee was headed by Michael Kahanovich, who later became the first director of the Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium.

Participants in the rally.

Today's community activists headed Nyaklyayeu. He was the only one who came to the museum building with a bouquet of red and white roses. The shares of the civil campaign "Tell the truth"Was not the leaders of the political organizations of the regional center. Do not come and Mogilev historians.

Nyaklyayeu only came to a historic building with a bouquet.

There was a brief rally. On the porch of the museum of the event in 1918 told the students of the State University Kuleshov, a resident of Bobruisk Stanislaw Kowalewski. He wrote a thesis on "The BNR and the formation of the Belarusian national statehood." With Bobruisk Mogilev he came only to tell Mogilev event 92 years ago.

Student Stanislaw Kowalewski said the recognition of Mogilev authorities BNR.

After Kowalewski made Nyaklyayeu. He praised the boy for a good performance and urged the participants not to forget the important historical events. Writer and leader of the civil campaign "Tell the truth"Said people understand what's going on now in the country, but as long as they do not have the strength to say so out loud. He graduated from Nyaklyayeu short his speech by laying flowers at the sign of the Mogilev regional specialist memory of the late 19th and early 20th century Eudokimos Romanov.

Acts Nyaklyayeu.

After a speech by Vladimir Neklyaeva action ended. Participants parazyhodilisya. The action took place without incident with the police. It was not on the scene or the area in general.

Nyaklyayeu laid flowers under the sign of memory Mogilev regional specialist Eudokimos Romanov.


BNR, tell the truth

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