Against Naro-orphans use of punitive psychiatry

Statement to the Prosecutor General of the journalist of "Nara-News." ©

With children's homes often treated cruelly: beaten, abused and deprived of anything, is punished. However, in recent times against the children have begun using "punitive psychiatry" — for disobedience orphanages are sent to psychiatric hospitals.

So, in September of this year, correspondents Narofominsk newspaper "Naro-News" decided to check the status of one of the inmates Sofinskogo orphanage. September 5 from there ran a 12-year-old boy Alex Chervinsky. They searched for him the police, the announcement of a missing child in the newspapers "Nara-News."

On the road to "Sofyino" journalists met several children and asked how to find Lesha on the boys said, "And you will not find it. He is in Ruse. " As it turned out, "Ruza" — children's department of the Moscow Regional Psychiatric Hospital № 4, 22 kilometers from the town of Ruse. Alex has repeatedly tried to escape to the city of Kiev to his grandmother, and the orphanage director threatened him for "bad behavior" to send in Ruza, like all naughty children. There, as journalists found out, children forced to give potent psychotropic drugs "Chlorpromazine", "Diphenhydramine" and other tablets. The children grew, they said, "glyuchennymi" and slow. In addition the children abused hospital staff: they hatch out of himself, occasionally for no reason stabbed drugs, nurses forced to do massage in return for scraps.

Sofinskogo orphanage director Tamara Suchkova not deny that children are sent to a mental hospital, though, according to her, "Ruse" visited only two children. Lesha sent there for 20 days with a diagnosis of "dromomaniya" — vagrancy, impulsive desire to change places, the other boy because of some hereditary diseases. Diagnoses of children put a psychiatrist from Kamenka hospital.

October 11 correspondents of "Nara-News" went to "Ruza" and to relatives of Leschi, met with him. Per month in the walls of the psychiatric hospital, the boy emaciated, haggard, was a sad and silent. According to him, in the hospital, he had to stay until February. In parting, he asked reporters "pull" it from there. Newspaper had sent a letter requesting an inspection authorized the Presidential Pal Astakhov, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the National Foundation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, as well as in the Ruza and Naro-Fominsk city prosecutor's office. It is noteworthy that on the day Lesha was discharged from a psychiatric hospital.

November 17 at the site of the Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office published a report on the audit of Naro-city prosecutor's office works on orphanages and "punitive psychiatry". The report said that 12-year-old Alesha revealed pathology, "doctors have noted a positive trend." Along with that prosecutors accused the two correspondents' Naro-news "Alexander Koltsov and Xenia Turchak, who conducted the investigation, in violation of international and Russian law guaranteeing the rights of children and the protection of their personal data, as well as journalistic ethics. Received a reprimand chief editor of "Naro-News", four officers and head of MOPB number 4.

November 22 edition of the newspaper "Naro-news" wrote a statement the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the work of the prosecutor Narofominsk Lychagina AG and again to check the children's home. According to the journalists, prosecutors initiated testing, results of which sent to the Investigation Committee. Journalists, meanwhile, hit repression: they asserted that "the end of their career" and "have to finish writing, otherwise the matter may end badly. '"


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