Air Show at Le Bourget completed its work

Air Show at Le Bourget completed its work
50th International Airshow recently finished work in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget.
For the leading global manufacturers of this naikrupneyshim Exposition has become very successful. The total amount of contracts that managed to conclude its work in the days of aviation and favorites of cosmic industry broke all previous records.

«Professionals aerospace industry said on orders totaling 115 billion euros — the first time in history,» — said General Commissioner of the exhibition Emeric d’Arcimoles, summing up the results now fruitful week.

In total, the world leading aircraft companies received firm orders and options, have also signed letters of intent to more than 1.5 thousand aircraft. Undisputed favorites were European company «Airbus» (Airbus) and the South American «Boeing» (Boeing). Europeans managed to beat his own head repeatedly, concluding contracts and memoranda in the amount of 68.7 billion dollars with an order for 466 aircraft. The «Boeing» backlog added nearly 66.4 billion dollars (442 aircraft).

With years of success perceptible regional passenger aircraft manufacturers, particularly the Brazilian company «Embraer» (Embraer). At Le Bourget, it introduced the second generation of the family of E-Jet aircraft entitled E2. With the first customer — the American company «SkayUest» (SkyWest) was signed by 100 aircraft E175-E2 and features an option for another 100 such machines. Price of the contract at list prices is estimated at 9.36 billion dollars. In addition, the aircraft manufacturer has signed letters of intent on planes E2 series with five unnamed airlines from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Order total — 65 cars, contracts can be signed before the end of the year.

Franco-Italian ATR, producing turboprop aircraft, named Airshow at Le Bourget best in their own history. The company has announced orders for 173 aircraft, including 83 hard order. Total price contracts exceeds 4.1 billion dollars (including 2 billion dollars — firm orders). Namely, ATR has sold 20 aircraft ATR 72-600 a Brazilian airline.

Results for Russian airshow aircraft manufacturers — more than 2.6 billion dollars (20 aircraft «Sukhoi Superjet 100» for the leasing company «Ilyushin Finance» of the catalog price of about 700 million dollars, an agreement of intent with the leasing company «VEB-Leasing» for the acquisition of 30 Aircraft MC-21 family of catalog price total 2.5 billion dollars).

But if producers Le Bourget 2013 became a commercial point of view a very successful event, the organizers of the exhibition ending obviously not willing to put in the best series. The matter is that in almost all weather began: to the dismay of countless visitors and exhibitors in over all seven days of its work is not tiring Parisian sky surprises. In the first day on the same metropolitan region collapsed showers and thunderstorms, which led to the cancellation of the planned demonstration flight at Le Bourget. Unchanging rainfall accompanied salon and next — was no exception and closing evening also marked by massive rain, somewhat marred by countless fans aircraft end prazdnichka catchy.

«We really lowering attendance noted that most likely caused by meteorological conditions,» — admitted Emeric d’Arcimoles. In addition, the Commissioner General had stated that severe disadvantage became overloaded cellular networks in the days of the exhibition, which is due to participants and guests of Le Bourget often could not really link together. «It is outrageous that the leading mobile operators in France made a similar naikrupneyshim at air show in the world. — Said d’Arcimoles. — Tomorrow we will begin to open a discussion with their management solutions to these problems, so that at the Salon in 2015 everything was in order. «

International Air Show at Le Bourget is held every two years on the ground eponymous airport in the north-western suburbs of Paris. It is held since 1908 and is one of the most notable looks in world aviation. This year the exhibition was part of more than 3 thousand companies from 44 countries. Among them England, Germany, India, Italy, China, Our homeland, the United States, Ukraine and France. Salon attended by around 300 official delegations from 88 countries.

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