Akavita appears on the network for several hours

Technical support portal "Akavita" completes the restoration work. Project leader Fyodor Korolenko reported that the website will start work soon.

The portal has disappeared from the internet in the morning on July 8. After turning off the power in the data center, "Akavita" corrupted database larger than 100 GB.

On the home page "Akavita" You can read the message:

"With the power off in the data center now Beltelekom partially damaged database. Restoration work is underway. Prabachaemsya for the inconvenience …

PS: The team "Akavita" deeply regrets that Beltelekom, fulfilling the role of chief saytarazmyashchalnika country sees no difference between the power of the data center and potato storage (say, at night with no heat and no potatoes go bad). A strange event called "planned power outage in the data center" (a quarter of a day!) Bright is the ratio of the Belarusian Internet and IT-industry as a whole. "

Korolenko says it as owner of the site, which is hosted on the server capacity Beltelekom, no one warned that separate the electricity, and "services such as" Akavita "generally can not stand."

The official website of "Beltelekom" about turning off the power in the data center in the "News" no.

"They know what works with what is behind this" — outraged actions Beltelekom Korolenko. — "This is the traditional approach to the execution of their duties. This is absolute nonsense in the world — off power in the data center. Users should not it be noted that any works are carried out. And they decided to do so easier."

Owner "Akavita" does not bind the power of excommunication in the data center with the new rules Beltelekom Internet regulation, which entered into force in Belarus on July 1.

"But now the situation when all will move to the Belarusian court … Beltelekom can not provide normal service. That is, in case of an accident, all Belarusian resources may disappear from the Internet," — said the head of the portal "Akavita" Fyodor Korolenko.


Korolenko, Akavita

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