Ales Zhamoytin: My work — humanitarian assistance to the state and the nation.

Was twenty years since the opening of the Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich in Kushlyanah that Smorgon district of the Grodno region. In the same museum director, poet Ales Zhamoytinym about our correspondent said.

Ales Zhamoytin came to Kushliany in 1988 to create a future museum. In the summer of 1990, a classic mansion had been started under the guise of a branch of the State Museum of the History of the Belarusian literature. Does it feel the director of the state care about this memorial place where the poet lived and worked a Democrat, a member of the anti-Russian uprising of 1863 — 1864's?

"We are in the twenty years has made two major overhauls. Latter was in the pre-crisis year 2006. At this went a lot of money. So in that sense, I take offense to the State should not, because the situation on the conservation estate just normal ".

At the memorial part of the estate, the interior of two rooms — a living room cabinet and writer, presented in the literary documents, collections of poetry ("Fife Belarus", "Smyk Belarusian"), taking pictures, dedications. From the time when the poet lived here, also preserved a stone barn, garden, park and the old chestnut alley, where most of the trees planted by Francis Bogushevich. And about him like a boulder-cache, which often came poet: he wrote poetry and hid the manuscript. After the death of the poet appeared on the stone inscription «PAMIECI MACIEA BURACZKA 1900 R": it made friends and locals who helped Bogushevich as a lawyer. All these sights are attracted to Kushliany every year more and more visitors, said Zhamoytin:

In the past three years, I see that the attention to Bogushevich growing …

"In the past three years, I see that the attention to Bogushevich growing. Bogushevich calls here those people, who are interested in the development of national culture, national language. Different levels of these people, but most of them — the intelligentsia. While the intelligentsia is not only narrow-profile, not only humanitarian, and all the intellectuals. Sharply increasing interest in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Apparently, due to these political developments in relations with Russia's interest in history ON is growing very fast. "

All visitors of the museum-estate Frantisek Bogushevich in Kushlyanah Ales Zhamoytin meets himself. Apart from him, and no one, because it is not only the director, but also the researcher and tour guide. And so in the museum passes virtually all his life. How such work is assessed by the state, wages difficult to call. The researcher and promoter of creativity Francis Bogushevich -'s immortal lines about the native language, the keeper of his estates characterizes his sacrificial work:

"This all my work — humanitarian assistance to the state and the people."


Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich "Kushliany" — a monument to a manor and park architecture of the XIX century, the only surviving manor Belarusian writer of the time. The museum is located in a house that Frantisek Bogushevich built in 1896 and where he spent the last years.


Bogushevich, Zhamoytin

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