Aliens in the mountains of Peru

October 15, 2012 0:24

Aliens in the mountains of Peru

In addition to technical and scientific progress, when the world is opening up new secrets of the universe, mankind is faced with puzzling findings from the past that have no explanation. Space travel becoming commonplace, and there, in infinite space, no one is alien intelligent life. But on Earth, scientists regularly find traces of extraterrestrial civilization.

City above the mountains

A couple of years ago in Peru were found two mummies. Archaeologists excavated on Mount Viracocha, which is in the region of the city of Cusco, the famous tourist destination, which is considered an archaeological center South American continent. The finds were made at an altitude of 3250 meters above sea level.

 Cusco is famous for being the capital of the ancient Inca civilization. He is called "the city above the mountains", every stone of which is history. Go there to see the famous Machu Picchu — the Lost City of the Incas, which was neglected as much as 400 years, until it was rediscovered in the early twentieth century.
And here is where the mountain Viracocha Inca according to legend, came down from heaven, mysterious white god who created the sun and the moon, and then the man, archeologists found wrapped in blankets tiny mummies.
Archaeologist Renato Davila Riquelme said that a skeleton preserved in full and has a height of just 50 cm, triangular and elongated skull unusually large eye sockets. The second mummy preserved only partially, its height 30 cm are now finds in a private museum "Andean Rituals" in Cusco.

Analysis of the remains

In this museum, storing everything connected with the population of the Andes, there are many remains of bones and whole skeletons of ancient people. So why in this case to speak about a humanoid extraterrestrial origin of these creatures?
Head of the Department of Culture of the municipality Cusco David Vega Centeno said:
— In order to determine whether the remains belong to actually create a special research committee. It will include scientists from different countries. While we can only assume that the mummies are not human.
Official statement caused elation ufologists. But as long as the scientists do not reveal the secret origin of the bodies, they can only speculate.
Much to the success of scientists in the right eye socket of one of the mummies are remains of the eyeball, which allows you to extract DNA samples from there. Archaeologist Domingo Farfan Acuna, serving on the Commission, showed that at the moment they are engaged in the analysis of the remains, monitoring and testing of bone.
Anthropologist Pablo Bayyabar based on all available evidence, the following conclusions: "The skeletons belong uniquely adult individuals, but their heads are disproportionately more bodies. What is most surprising — a soft spot in the skull, which is usually closed to the 12-18-month life. In the mouth there are mummies adult molars, which, incidentally, are located in the jaw does not like people. "

The deformation of the skull — sacrifice to the gods

But in the words of Somerset Maugham in his "razor's edge": "The fact that in some theory believes a lot of people are not a guarantee of its truth."
There is another possible explanation for the strange state heads of mummies. Cranial deformation ritually performed in many nations of the world, particularly in Mayan. They have surpassed all in his contrivances for changing baby's head.
Practice for elongated skull has long been known. There is information relating to the VII century BC, telling about these changes to make the ritual of social significance growing person. After having such a distinctive feature, it was possible to manipulate other people, claiming to be a messenger of God or an alien. According to other sources, this was done in order to eventually bring this unusual child as a sacrifice to the gods.
Pablo Bayyabar suggests that the skulls were modified for the sake of appeasement mountain gods. This sacrifice is known to historians called "kapakocha." The Incas called for rain, praying for a great harvest and the protection of his people from enemies and diseases. Very often such sacrifices were made in response to natural disasters: earthquakes and droughts.
The painting of Canadian artist Paul Kane (XIX century) depicts a woman Chinook (Chinook — Indian people in the north-western United States.. — Ed.), Which holds a child, a prisoner in a strange design. Swaddled baby's head and inserted into the wooden grip, which day by day are compressed to obtain the desired shape of the skull.

Other finds

As we found out, the findings on the mountain Viracocha are not the first of its kind. More than ten years ago, anthropologist Robert Connolly of the University of Liverpool has published photos of numerous skulls. He explored the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun and found there, he said, skeletons whether aliens, or premature babies.
And do not remind us of the cranium images of Egyptian pharaohs, who always wore elongated headgear, or their skulls also had an unusual shape? Perhaps skilled magicians tried to recreate the image of the ancient aliens who came to Earth?

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