Already the weekend of July 3-4



…but no rain at all cost. Heat: 14 — 27 C.

Do not pass:

July 4

Poetry festival in Vyazynka, the home of the Yanka Kupala.


July 3

Roza Otunbayeva in Bishkek oath as president of Kyrgyzstan.

July 3-4

In Krakow, an international meeting of politicians and civil society activists devoted to discussing the challenges to democracy in the world.

July 4

The second round of the presidential elections in Poland, where the fight for the presidency Bronislaw Komorowski (Civic Platform) and Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Law and Justice).


July 3

In 1876, Alois was born Pashkevych (aunt), Belarusian writer and social activist (d. 1916).

In 1883, Prague was born nyametskamaovny pismennie Jewish Franz Kafka (d. 1924).

In 1971 in Paris, died Jim Morrison, leader of the famous American rock band "The Doors" (b. 1943).

July 4

In 1807 was born the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, fought for the independence and unification of Italy (d. 1882).

In 1927 was born the Italian film star Gina Lyalyabryzhyda.

In 1950 began broadcasting Radio Free Europe.

There is a reason:

July 3

Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. Historically, July 3 to Belarusian independence has nothing to do and public holidays only happened when Alexander Lukashenko when the state has ceased to mark the Day of sovereignty on July 27, and the traditional Day of Belarusian independence on March 25 came under the ban. Earlier, before the arrival of Lukashenko, July 3 was the day of liberation from the Nazis, and the Day of Minsk, because it was released in the capital this day in 1944. On this occasion of July 3, 1961 in Minsk near the Victory Monument was lit an eternal flame.

International Day of Cooperatives.

July 4

U.S. Independence Day.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of Liberty: "The parade took two Lukashenko."

Quote to remember:

"This poetry expresses nothing, it only refers to the possibility. Opens all doors. You can enter in any of what you like."

Jim Morrison

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