American psychiatrists maim people

American psychiatrists maim peopleThe fact that the U.S. leads the world in the number of mental patients has been written many times. This is not surprising when you take into account the socio-cultural basis upon which the foundation of American culture. But a significant contribution to "increase" the number of people with mental health problems makes herself an American psychiatrist in the pursuit of profit. What is also not surprising, given the degree of commercialization of American medicine.

Some psychiatrists argue that the 1 billion people in the world have abnormalities in the mind and, therefore, need help psychiatrist. Considerable amount of that billion live directly in the U.S.. Only among American schoolchildren 17 million people regularly take antidepressants. Depression — an indispensable attribute of the American way of life and a great opportunity for psychiatrists to fill their own pockets.

According to the journalist Kelly O `Meara, psychiatry in the United States has become a multibillion dollar means wages. Advertising sedatives and medical services in the field of psychiatry, "suggests" average Americans, where and from whom to be treated, and what he is sick. But not always bring this treatment to the good.

Robert Whitaker, author of the acclaimed book "Mad in America," writes that the cases in which the mental hospital languish healthy people who are not so rare. The reason — the desire to earn more psychiatrists. Over the past 40 years in the U.S. mental health institutions and more Americans died than in all wars involving the United States, from 1776.

Psychiatry as a science in its modern sense was born in England, where there was a hospital, more like a prison, called Bedlam. Today it is a common name. Bedlam was just a warehouse of those doctors found insane. And, as in those days science has extensive experience and prior knowledge, in mad recorded and those who were quite reasonable. Treatment of patients did not differ in Bedlam courtesy. They were beaten, doused in ice water, put on a leash, and for a small fee (kapitalizm!) allowed the public to come take a look at these accidents. Famous in those days, English psychiatrist William Betty advertised on his own work in mental hospitals currently amassed a considerable fortune.

Our contemporary, Dr. Tai Cobert, argues that the biological nature psihzabolevany talking just for the sake of profits.

In 1812, James Rush, the father of American psychiatry, described his experiments on hapless patients, which he more maimed, than treated. According to the deputy director of the History of Medicine, Joseph Melling, "to the 1860-1870gg. healing the sick, at the hands of psychiatrists, there was no ", which led to some pessimism about psychiatry in general in Europe and North America.

The appearance on the medical scene, Henry Cotton's all once again talking about "mental miracle." But the "miracle" Cotton is not much different from the methods of the Gestapo. Amputation, he announced improved treatment of mental disorders, and the patient began to amputate all — from the teeth and tonsils, and further down — to sinus and stomach. Therefore, Professor Thomas Cain, author of "The Myth of mental illness," said that "history is the history of psychiatry harm to patients."

American psychiatrist closely associated with eugenics, racial science, popularized by the Nazis. Achievements eugenics impressed Adolf Hitler, who announced his Bible work American eugenics Madison Grant's "Care of the great race." German eugenicists happily embraced the rise to power of the Nazis, and by 1933. 40% of German psychiatrists were in the Waffen SS. When, in 1946. attracted them to account for experiments on prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, for them rose the mountain their American counterparts among psychiatrists!

Many eugenicists who escaped trial by such intercession, emigrated to the United States, where he continued his research on the usefulness and the inferiority of certain races. In America, they came to the place of use. More so that in the 1830 U.S. psychiatrists have tried to prove the mental inferiority of Black people. James Rush then introduced the concept of "negrityanstva" as a medical term — all negros genetically defective. Negrityanstvo he equated to leprosy, and segregation justify medical necessity. Then the psychiatrist of the Louisiana Medical Association Samuel Cartwright introduced another term — drapetomaniya, according to which if a black slave runs away from his master, he was declared mentally ill. Cartwright suggested as the most effective treatment procedure spanking. In addition, prescriptive and amputation of toes.
Cartwright described the disorder and other «Dysaethesia Aethiopica» to explain the apparent lack of motivation exhibited by many slaves, which he also claimed, could be cured by flogging.

He followed suit, psychiatrist Bevis in medical journals persistently called names Africans' descendants of savages and cannibals ", poorly adapted to civilization. Not surprisingly, the racist community Ku Klux Klan is always communication with scientists, eugenics.

Head of the Center of violence (and of the name!) Psychiatrist West hatched a plan to implant electrodes in the brain of the African-American and Hispanic men, with the help of electric shock directly to the brain to prevent aggressive behavior. If this fails, West suggested chemical castration. And just because of public outrage West had to abandon its brutal plans.

This psychiatric racism spread to other continents. In South Africa, the white minority has made a mental hospital in the slave labor camps guy that died 67,000 patients. Earnings also psychiatrists was $ 117 million

His contribution to the establishment psychiatry have behavioral scientists. Their credo expressed by the formula according to which the subject of psychology is behavior, not consciousness. Wilhelm Wundt, famous at the time behaviorist, defined man as a passive animal, thinking — as the chemical reaction of the brain. Fan of behaviorism Skinner constructed psychiatrist called "Skinnerian box", which regulated all — from temperature and lighting. Over a year in the box Skinner had his own daughter, forcing her to respond to external stimuli, like lab rats.

Only since 1948. American psychiatry has received from the budget of $ 19 billion, today it stands at least $ 40 million annually, and some modern methods of influence on patients are reminiscent of the times of James Rush or Bedlam. American public became aware of the so-called "Aversionnoy therapy" — in short, the measures of physical effects on residents of boarding schools for delinquents. Through wires attached to the body of young hooligans for educational purposes received an electric shock of 270 volts. Those who secretly tried to take off this device, received another shock. Receiving it, even those who in anticipation of the next shock began to cry before. Freeman, a psychiatrist who became famous for his invention of a method of lobotomy, has announced that, he cures his patients from mental illness. If, before the lobotomy by Freeman drilled in the skull, the method of Freeman lay in the fact that no drilling, and just below the orbital bone (under the eyelid) pounding awl, which Freeman crawl back and forth in the patient's brain, which led to the destruction of brain cells . When the death of one patient Freeman denied a medical license, he managed to hold 3500 operations. By his own admission, a quarter of the patients came to the "vegetable state," losing a human.

In this age of money doing it at all. In particular, on human health. "Make money" — the motto of capitalism. Washington prefers to make money on the lives of citizens of other states. But sometimes it gets and the Americans themselves.

Ilya Makarov

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