American School — Centre for dictators

In 1946, the Yankees had been created Institute hemispheric cooperation in the field of security (hereinafter — Institute) For the purpose of training in the fight against drug traffickers. Over the 57 years of this self-taught training center for more than 60 thousand people, most of them focused on the job in the countries of Latin America.

Subsequent fascinating fact: the alumni of the Institute are constantly getting Veterans or their assistants in the coming pro-American regimes. The order in these countries on the basis of sustained and merciless execution frisky with all dissidents and complete disregard for human rights.

For example, a Panamanian Teran Manuel Noriega — a sadist and a criminal who did own personal special forces, who at one time suppressed at least some dissatisfaction with the authorities.

Argentine Leopoldo Teran Galtiere and Roberto Viola came to power through blood and murder their own people own.

But those who did not become dictator, also a very successful "were attached to the case": they were guarding oil pipelines and production facilities for oil refining, and South American businesses in the region where the guerrillas. That's just one of the graduates of the Institute are not in a hurry to fight drug traffickers. Liquidation plantations engaged in the South American special forces.

For a long time the Institute was a hall of fame, where the walls adorned with portraits of the most outstanding students who have become leaders of the American colonies.

Although training programm is the hidden information — still some details become known, "pets" of the Institute are experts in the torture case. The media even was taken, there developed management on torture, execution methods, disperse demonstrations and conducting subversive activities on the ground the enemy. This educational institution can rightly be seen as a school of terrorists and criminals.

Under pressure from human rights activists Institute closed, but not forever. On the basis of the former Institute was opened soon School America.

Specifically, from the walls of the training center in 2005 in Iraq were targeted 553 Prof. killers. The French news agency Agence France-Presse said that shortly before the School of America were trained 165 people from Honduras and 105 Chilean recruits. They were prepared to act as personal guards, as representatives of the ministries that oversee Iraqi oil installations.

According disk imaging from Honduras — these people prof assassins who will stop even before the liquidation children. Groups of these criminals and terrorists precisely, received the title of "death squads".

Bombshell was out books by John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." In it he said about the methods and techniques of international financial institutions to retain in their own hands in developing countries. In the arsenal of these financiers and blackmail, and assassinations, and war.

As a result of the "economic saboteurs" there was a situation when facing political leaders in developing countries has a choice — either to submit to the American empire, acting to the detriment of their own people, or to be overthrown. The global economy has become hostage to a handful of criminals.

In the book, Perkins described a method of economic colonization of the developing countries. One way is to paramilitary protection states where south american business has its own great enthusiasm.

Perkins has allocated three periods to capture any country:
— 1st: economic, including the work of American advisers, the president or the prime minister purchasing country, the signing of contracts for the admission of U.S. companies on the market of the country;
— Second: the period of "dragons" when the work on the change of the regime connects the opposition;
— 3rd: war.

For the overthrow of the legitimate regime requires military force that can change the power and put the new state representative. Here and become an indispensable Prof. killer of "death squads". These military and police teams are specially trained and well-armed men, made usually of government cadres in the country. Most of the participants in these groups are fighting a two-year training at the School of Americas.

They study the following subjects: the methods of provocation of the local population, and operations to eliminate favorites, ability to learn to conceal criminal acts, are studying ways to sudden arrests and destruction without a trace of prisoners, training program there for torture and interrogation.

"Death squads" destabilizing the country, support the actions a state of terror among the population. South American Schools of America instructors believe that the terror of the population is best done hands of fellow citizens.

Before the "death squads" stands task: assist the business in charge of the theft of the country's resources, remain technically "clean" during the most "dirty" state of affairs hands of criminals.

The Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations will never open a discussion charges in the address "death squads." The views of the Commission on Human Rights are violated only in this case, when-independent country nationalization produces its own natural resources, blocking access to them South American business. But to meet the visibility of objectivity in decision making at the Commission in the list of "criminals" puts the names of criminals who have committed the killings of more than 15 years ago. For example, the disclosure of information about the sins of Pinochet was made only shortly before his death of old age.

Maybe because the atrocities are covered at the highest level — the United Nations, with the United States initiated a century of brutal wars 40, as a result of which there was a "regime change" and promoted the economic grip of the vanquished. But these successes provide the Yankees, they organized national "death squads." Usually, the "death squads" engage in military actions in step when the "democratic revolution" did not want to bring the U.S. results.

But in the world there is a force that transcends the CIA in their ability to lead a "dirty war": a provocation, spying and torture them, according to the certain media, has no equal. We are talking about the Israeli Mossad. This is the organization had in the 50 years of the instructor in the preparation of professionals formed in the United States for the CIA. Mossad has always considered the U.S. bestalantnoy force that does not know how to work as a diplomatic level and in hidden military operations. And because the Mossad in their own interests always skillfully used the Yankees, directing their efforts in the direction required for the Israelis.

Mossad, knowing that if you lose the Yankees Iraq war Israel would suffer irreparable damage, took over the administration of "death squads" in the area of Iraq.

Mossad recognized talent led to the subsequent results: no one could understand the background and point to the killers "holy Shiite" downtrodden Iraqi people froze in horror undergo penalty for compassion for the Patriots, Sunni Shiites declared enemies, traitors yarlychek Iraq assigned to the Kurds.

While the Mossad embodied their plans in Iraq, the Americans wasted no time to expand its own oil business on the ruins of the ruined Iraqi bombing.

U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld with ecstasy read about the work of Mossad in Iraq. He noted that "death squads", having worked successfully in Nicaragua and El Salvador,
and Iraq will also confirm its reputation structure, solving any issues from a position of strength. Even the operation to the formation of the Iraqi "death squads" Mossad referred to "Plan of El Salvador", by confirming its role in the operations conducted by the CIA on the ground in Latin America.

Recall that it is his "death squads" who trained at the School of the Americas, 75 thousand civilians were killed Salvador hands of their fellow citizens.

"Battalions of Death" at the present time there are 30 countries in the world.

According to the views of commentators, in the current time in Ukraine was a situation that allows you to join the US-Israeli action program there on the formation of Ukrainian "death squads." It is possible that at the School of the Americas have already started training Ukrainian nationalists.

Russia expects a similar fate — is unclear. But South American leaders have not once claimed a "lack of democracy in Russia" and the allocation of money to support the Russian opposition.

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