Andrew Pochobut of prison and walking tracks

In his LiveJournal journalist Andrei Poczobut, who is in custody Hrodna prison on charges of insulting the President of the Republic of Belarus and slandering him, put on his blog, the latest opus from prison:

"One of the pleasant experiences of my life in prison is a walk. Seven Steps One way, and you vpiraessya the wall, spread — and the seven steps to the other. It would seem that there could be nicer? But after the camera here expanse. Boxing, in which we "walk their" — this was the camera, but instead of the roof there a mole. That is — to see the sky and there is fresh air. In prison, you start to appreciate such a simple and seemingly public things. During one trip I go through an average of 3 or 3 and 5 km, which adsezhany for a month now produces approximately 90 km. In my opinion, a good result. To make it more fun going, singing "Na znojna walke", "Pierwsza brygada", "Pieshota", "Piosenka ludzi bez domu» etc.

Prison walls will probably not come across such repertoire is godkov With a song from the sixties, time flies faster, and always fun to go. In the next box also happens croon. But there's another repertoire :) "

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