Andrey Bondarenko for the hunger strike has lost more than 7 pounds

Businessman Andrei Bondarenko, who is serving a prison sentence in Bobruisk, on hunger strike for 22 days. The prisoner protests against the conviction, which considers politically motivated. On the conditions of hunger strikers Andriy Bondarenko said, "Freedom," the lawyer Dmitry Laevsky.

"Fast Bondarenko on June 15. With the growth of 182 centimeters, he weighed 68.3 kg at the beginning of the hunger strike, and now weighs 61 pounds. Writes that he felt weak, dizzy, have difficulty with stairs," — says lawyer Laevsky about Bondarenko.

The lawyer said his client was not transferred into the sanitary part of Bobruisk colony and forced to obey everything that belongs to other prisoners. In including Andrei Bondarenko has to be present when eaten by other inmates, and that his health worsens. Andrei Bondarenko also sent to work in the production area of the colony, the lawyer Dmitry Laevsky. According to the lawyer, the correspondence with the prisoner is actually limited. So, Andrei Bondarenko has not received four letters from his lawyer with nested in them copies of complaints and other legal documents. "This is a clear violation of the rights of my client," — said the lawyer Dmitry Laevsky.

In February, Andrei Bondarenko was sentenced to 7 years in prison with confiscation of property under the theft by fraud. Minsk City Court agreed with this verdict. Now Andrei Bondarenko and his lawyer Dmitry Laevsky are pending supervisory appeal against the sentence, which they sent to the Chairman of the Minsk City Court. Many human rights activists and politicians in Belarus suggest that Andrei Bondarenko was the victim of retaliation for political activity, namely — for participation in parliamentary elections 2008 and attempts to challenge the results. For members of Democratic Forces These efforts have been quite unsatisfactory.



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