Aphorisms: Act. Court. Prison. Transfer 2nd

Participates linguist, politician Vintsuk Vyachorka.

Ether 8 July 2010

Law. Court. Prison
"Truth is in court"

"The trouble writes its laws"

"Do not bear right that the cow ate, not a right, and a cow that went into the forest"

"The needs of the law Lama"

"All the same — hang by one foot, or two "

"Do not hurry to the gallows, even navisissya"

"Blame that svinavat"

"A neighbor found out that the thief stole"

"His judgment short"

"Remember to roam the uterus: no bread evshi, in jail
sec "

"Beat the brow in prison but in the poorhouse"

"In many ways the prison"

"To the prison Latvia find your way"

"To prison — a jail, and me — attsovski house"

"To prison, and who Pie"

"To jail, and a house for me"

"To prison — kaptselka, and I kvartserka"

"Astrozhnyh bread slides"

"Good jail, to damn him a number"



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