Society is a pity scientists distant future, those whose ancestors survive after, as the sun will explode and whole world go to hell. Exploring the anatomy of the earthlings the twenty-first century, they face a daunting challenge: to dig out some of them under a thick layer of ash subjects will have at their inside looks like a worm process blind intestine, and others that process will be deleted.

Looks like a worm process.

How would such a strange fact that the researchers who release they will have on this? Maybe they think no apendyksa sign of belonging to a privileged caste? Or to a particular religion — like the bald head of a Buddhist monk? Or maybe it seems most likely that the removal apendyksa was a special punishment, to which sentenced for heresy and dissent? Who knows …

Apendyks — one of the most enigmatic of our bodies. Secret object with lost access code. No one knows exactly why he was a man, and what it eats. Meanwhile, he marches us through the dust and mist evolution is about eighty million years old and is not going to leave him alone, to say goodbye and go the distance.

Henry Gray (1825-1861). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918.

Perplexity with which scientists for centuries are looking at apendyks led eventually to the fact that it was seen as a relic, like the men's muscles smochak or ears, as a misunderstanding, as the burr that chance once clung to the body and does not adlyapitstsa wants, often bringing the poor homo sapiens to peretonit. To my shame, and I am a long time resisted this propaganda.

More often apendyks inflamed in people aged 10 to 30 years. In the past century, tired doctors in some very developed countries have decided that rather than wait apendyksa inflammation, it is best to remove the annoying body preventively in childhood. All the same, they say, no benefit from it, some problems seams and busy koykamestsy. Gesagt, getan. But damn apendyks showed that it is still too early to write off. It was found that children who have been through such an operation, lag behind their peers, the lucky owners of a mysterious process, a mental and psychological development.

Necessary thing in the economy.

Further — more, without apendyksav people who have had some infection that is difficult to recover mikrafleru intestine. And such people have a better chance of getting cancer. Only in recent years have finally cowardly say, that, apparently, apendyks still has its function, it is simply too modest to shout about it on all TV channels. Perhaps he — an incubator for bacteria that promote digestion, perhaps an indispensable tool in protecting the immune system, and possibly, its main function — still endocrinology. But it is known that apendyks — a necessary thing in the economy, taking with him the material for the reconstruction of the damaged urinary system.

Marcel Duchamp. Taking into account the 1946-66

Appendix vermiformis consigned to the grave, millions of people, while in 1735 the London Royal Hospital surgeon NOT ISSUE knife and pulled out the same process

Surgeons thinking.

at eleven-a boy who died of inflammation. The boy survived. Surgeons thinking. But more than a century on this occasion the German Fitz finally convinced the world that the best treatment for inflammation apendyksa "is its complete removal und destruction!"

Interestingly, some animals have no inflammation apendyksa can not be, because of the total absence of the body. This is confirmed by the bottomless source of folklore. During my folkloric practice in the early nineties, an old woman from a remote village in Nayabarskae Krupki's told me a romantic tale, which said about this process.

There is no mention in the Bible.

God summoned all the animals to give them apendyksy. Came monkey, rabbit, human, rat, horse, cow … Been here for God and cat and dog, were in place — but once saw each other, began as between them opened, quarrel. Finally the dog chased a cat and they soon disappeared into the woods. When they returned, one was not. Since in dogs and cats apendyksav NO.

This story is not yet in any anthology, but generally apendyks took his place in world literature — of course, appropriate to its natural modesty. For example, on apendyks No references in the Bible and the "New Earth", but there is in the Guinness book of records. There apendyks registered a 23 and a half centimeters — and that the average length of the body of 10 cm suggest Belarusians who like to be compared chelyasami and the level of patriotism, go to apendyksy. Maybe, at least while Belarus glorified something in the world.

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