Appliances: what and where to radiate?

Few people think about that quite ordinary things to which we are accustomed, can harm our health.

Appliances: what and where to radiate?Creating comfort in your home, we will not spare money for a miracle technique that helps to quickly cook food, to store food, to communicate with each other. By purchasing a particular product, we usually are interested in the benefits of the model, the warranty period. But we do not even think to ask if this comes the question of his health safety. But authoritative experts, doctors and scientists are increasingly anxiously said that in the six most unsafe for our health appliances appear most necessary things for us. The damage in question is not visible immediately, but it tends to accumulate in the human body because of the effects of electromagnetic waves. Is it possible to somehow protect yourself and your family from their negative effects?

Vile cold

One appliance stores have observed a similar situation: a couple long selected refrigerator. Having defined the model, young people began to ask the shop assistant how to use the machine, and not bad for a new system No Frost for health?

— Bad! — With a smile store employee. — If you long to be standing in front of an open door, you can catch a cold!

Young people to appreciate the joke and went home with the purchase.

In fact, the system of "frost free" is more suitable for humid countries. But the products in such a refrigerator, where the air force gets rid of the moisture will have to hide in a plastic bag from drying.

Refrigerator, in addition, is the cause of noise and vibration in the kitchen. Causing harm to the environment and the gas Freon, which is essential to freeze. But, as explained Head of engineering and certification services RUE "Belarusian State Institute of Metrology" Tatiana Yakusevich, the unit with the system No Frost also a source of electromagnetic radiation, the level of which is higher than that of conventional models. Being at a distance of less than 1.5 meters, each of the residents fall under this influence, from which it appears that not even protect the brick walls.

To protect themselves from the effects of radiation, it is necessary to install a refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen or in the hallway. The main thing is that, even in adjacent rooms at a distance closer than 1.5 meters was not berth.

Sit right!

It is clear today — further development of mankind is impossible without computers and their production is expanding rapidly. Modern LCD monitors are much safer than their predecessors with bulky cathode ray tube, but they are harmful to the eyes and can impair vision.
People whose work is connected to the computer, hold it in front of the screen more than twelve hours. Plus a load on the spine, which can lead to disease of the musculoskeletal system. But the most unpleasant thing — electromagnetic radiation. It extends from the workplace in different directions, and often as a result of continuous operation over a dangerous threshold.

— Sitting at the computer screen should be no closer than 70 centimeters — warns Tatiana Yakusevich. — Do monitors with cathode-ray tube has a strong emission at the rear and side walls. Therefore, place the computer in the office should abstain at least 1.5-2 meters from each other so that their rear was not turned on the face or back of another employee. Try to make regular breaks.

Destructive wave

Microwave for years is popular all over the world. But there are a number of studies that show that it is far from harmless. The very waves that accelerate the cooking, and are a cause for concern. Acting on the particles of moisture inside the product, heat it from the inside, causing the water molecules to move quickly and so warm food. The lost much of the vitamins and properties of the product. The heating in a microwave oven can also be called aggressive because electromagnetic waves affect the surrounding area. Although modern microwave ovens, the assurances of manufacturers, good protection feature that prevents escape electromagnetic field outside the working volume, an absolute guarantee that the waves do not penetrate the outside, no one gives.

— It is advisable not to be closer than one meter to this appliances, when it works — suggests Tatiana Yakusevich. — Many people, wanting to see how the food is prepared, look out the window door. To do this is by no means impossible — at this point the most powerful radiation. You should not use the oven with the end of life, you can not fix it yourself, if it is broken. Need to monitor the condition of the sealing gaskets and protective mesh on the viewing window, and turn off the appliance when not in use.

Utyuzhte, but without fanaticism

Who would have thought that such a seemingly innocuous activity like ironing clothes, can harm us and harass? On average, doing this every woman spends 8 to 10 hours a month. Most irons magnetic field is detected at a distance of 25 cm from the handle, and only in the heating mode.

The same high intensity electromagnetic radiation and electric kettles, which can in a matter of minutes to boil two liters of water. But you can turn and move away to a safe distance until it boils. As for ironing, then, ladies, it is necessary to treat it without fanaticism. In order to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation, it is better not to use an iron during heating.

Tube "magic", but not harmless

We probably easily would have given up the microwave, and even a kettle, but the day would not agree to live without the "magic" tubes, through which in a matter of seconds you can reach out to any corner of the globe. Disputes about mobile security began to emerge with the rise in the sale of "mobiles". Thanks to research scholars already well established that some damage from them still exists. Pick up the phone generates electromagnetic radiation around us, like any electrical appliance. But the special danger of mobile phone is that it is in constant contact with our head, and it is many times stronger negative effects of electromagnetic fields on such a complex and sensitive organ of the human body, the brain.

Experts recommend: to somehow minimize the harmful effects of "cell phone", shorten the time for talking. Use headphones. Many of us carry the phone in your pocket, but it is better to put it in the bag. Do not place the phone next to the bed while you sleep closer than 50 centimeters. Keep in mind that the power of the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone depends on the state of the communication channel "phone base station." The higher the level of the signal station at the point of reception, the lower the power at which the phone, hence the harmful effects below. It is better not to use the phone in areas where poor communication, if you are in an elevator or subway. Children also use the mobile phone is generally not advisable.

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