Archaeologists in Novgorod for season 2012 found 32 Birchbark

Russian archaeologists on excavations in Novgorod for a season in 2012 found 32 medieval birchbark manuscripts, most of which were in the nature of business correspondence, told RIA Novosti source in the Novgorod archaeological expedition (NAE).


Birch bark were found in the excavation Trinity, which is the base for the NAE. It is located in the historic center of the city to the south of the Kremlin. In recent years, this excavation was done a number of unique finds. Among them were the famous "Novgorod Psalter" (wax book XI century), about 500 birch-bark manuscripts, remains the artist XII century Oliseya Grechina.

In the current field season of research on the Troitsky excavation conducted about three months. At the moment they are completed.
"Scientists have studied the texts of letters, found on Trinity excavation, but most of them took the form of business communication," — said the source.
According to the source, including the Trinity found in the excavation in the current year was a rare charter, containing a plot of fever.
"Extremely short text other credentials can be compared with the price tag of a modern shopping center, in indicating the cost of goods", — he added RIA Novosti.
Authors of several letters were familiar to archaeologists charters past two medieval Novgorodian Yakim and Luke.
In view of recent findings on the Troitsky excavation total number found in 1951 in Novgorod "messages from the past" reached 1.05 thousand.
According to the supervisor of NAE, Academician Valentin Yanin, under UNESCO protection Novgorod cultural layer can be stored in about 20,000 letters.
Archaeological investigations in the 2012 season took place in Novgorod 11 digs. Work on the two of them are still ongoing. Most of the excavations were so-called commercial. Their customers were Novgorod, who after excavations intended to use their land for housing.
During the excavation, scientists have made several thousand individual finds. Among them were women, wooden horses, which allowed scientists to jokingly say that figure skating practiced in Novgorod land in the XII century. Archaeologists also found a dump of about 100 worn leather soles Middle Ages.

Troitsky excavation: What do messages from the past

From the cultural layer of the eleventh century on the Troitsky excavation archaeologists recovered pendants, amulets, jewelry, and most importantly — birch bark. The letters of ordinary citizens, written on different occasions. Archaeological excavations in Novgorod conducted since 1932. First birchbark manuscripts found at the dig Nerevskom Novgorodka Nina Akulova summer 1951. She came to the excavation pregnant, to earn some money.
It would seem, archaeologists recently celebrated "equator" of the season, and on this occasion spoke about their findings. But the reason for the meeting with journalists in excess tossed Trinity excavation. For two weeks there was found 12 well-preserved letters. Among them were the well-known letter Ekim, as always — business correspondence. Found a letter from Luke, is the seventh. Obviously, this man was a great salesman. This time, he said in the text of his companions, in the northern lands of the protein is prohibitively expensive — eight hryvnia. At the end of the letter, despite the fact that the business correspondence, the author says that kissing recipients. In this case, say archaeologists, is meant to be "whole", that is the wish of health.
Often found in the charters records geochemistry. The last one thousand fiftieth birchbark letter archaeologists and does call super-literate. At the time, was mentioned in a document "slovyati", had doubts — the name of this person, or something else. Finally, it was found that it was of Novgorod, who asked him to send his letter to the child, that is, a bailiff, to claim the debt in a few hryvnia.
Can tell much, and household items. Not so long ago in the dig stumbled upon jewelry workshop. Found amulets, broken and unfinished jewelry, stone mold. Troitsky excavation still presented in this season three wrote the keys of various shapes, elegant castle. The first wooden seal was found in the Novgorod land in 1951, the last century. It took 30 years to establish that such a thing hung on the bags of tribute.

Items from Trinity excavation sent for restoration, but the study of these monuments will continue. And, perhaps, these findings will further get to know the lives of our ancestors.

Vadim Alexeev

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